Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Converting foes into friends!!

Foe = Swimming, Running & Hills

Friends = Cycling & Flat

Since NZ Ironman, under a little bit reflection, this is what I am going to do. My mind set is going to change, I am going to become a runner!!

I have found myself a new coach, yes a COACH, not a program writer, someone who wants to see the athletes succeed, not one who is only about lining their own pockets.

Under a bit of research and investigation, I am happy with my choice of coaches and after meeting with him to discuss my 1st program, I walked away very satisfied that we were both on the same page wanting to head in the same direction.

With this in mind, we are going to hang the bike up and run. This is going to be my focus over the winter months, which I know will be hard to get my head around to start with however with the trust that I am putting in him, I am confident that my goals with be achieved by following the advice that will come my way.

With doing a little bit of training over the last week on the bike, and looking over the forthcoming weeks program, I am going to miss the bike, however I also know in the long run that my bike will not drop off, just my swim and run will improve. Everything is starting from basics, yep 1 hour rides, 1 km swims and 30 min runs.

I am going to enjoy the early "easy" training and then look forward to the "hard" times. For now, cycling is a recreational activity for me with running and swimming being the focus.

The running starts today and swimming tomorrow, interesting times ahead.

For now...