Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013, A New Direction, A New Beginning.

So after ticking off so many personal goals in the last few years, I have decided to dedicate the next chapter on my athletes and getting them to their goals.

For me, being to 2 Hawaiian Ironman Races, Breaking 9hrs and taking a few a/g wins has been amazing, however to become the best coach I can, I have to alter the focus onto the athletes.

So 2013 is all about them.

The question that I am often recently is:

"Are you going to fit for Ironman Melbourne?"  (As I am still competing)

My answer is always:

I will be in good shape for Ironman Melbourne as I will be training with the guys/girls throughout their preparation.  I will be out there helping, giving tips and advice.  So when you are training with people for an Ironman, you will be fit and ready to go.

The only difference will be, the main sessions will be out on the road/track/trails with the athletes getting the best out of their performance not just my own.

So, with saying this, I still expect to go fast, maybe not as fast as 2012 (8hr 54min), however I will still be up there with the leaders in my age group (I hope!!)

I have already had to withdraw from a few races due to injury and then having my kids for the last week or so keeps a good perspective and am happy with my decision to date.

Albany 1/2 was the first race I withdrew from due to the ongoing hip trouble, however from not running from Canberra until Boxing Day, it has really settled the niggle down.  Then I decided not to race Auckland 70.3 due to wanting to spend time with my kids.

So for the next 6 weeks (approx) til New Zealand and then the following 3 weeks til Melbourne and then onto Port and Cairns I will be out there almost on call with the guys/girls helping and suffering.  This may mean that I ride 6 days straight or run/ swim the same amount just to assist.

The feedback that I already have been given makes the decision even easier as it is all positive and having 20 odd on a bike ride and then another 16 or so backing up for a long run just speaks volume.  The open water sessions that I am running is consistently getting 20 people there regardless of the conditions.

I will have some sessions that I will do solo to make sure that I can keep the bar raising every weekend.  The goal is not for me to get to Kona in 2013, but to get athletes there.

As much as I would love to go head to head with Leigh Chapman on the lava fields, I don't think it will be this year.  And I think that we would be in different age groups!! Sorry mate, I would introduce the old man rule anyway!

If the situation arises where I am in a position to take a spot and I have 1 or more athletes qualify, I would take it, otherwise I think I would let it slide this time.

Once we get through NZ, Melb, Port Mc & Cairns then I will re - focus on a few more goals of my own.

I have enjoyed the year so far and look forward to helping everyone out the best I can.  Each athlete is an individual and has different strengths and weaknesses, whether it be physical, mental or both.  I am enjoying discovering these whilst I am out there and this gives me a better idea on writing a tailored program for them vs giving out a generic program that so many coaches do these days.

Don't get me wrong, when you get to this time of a prep, the program follows a similar paths, however each person has different aspects that need improving and I fail to understand where a generic program will draw out the best from them.

So for now, time to get ready for a ride in the morning...This one being solo before I hit the water and the track in the afternoon.

All about the athletes!


PS, I would also like to welcome all the new people to TMC, as it has been a little while since my last post, I won't remember them all, but we are nearing 100 Athletes and getting wins and podiums over all distances.  TMC are going places!

The number of TMC athletes doing Melbourne is up over 25, so the colors will be out in force.