Sunday, September 27, 2009

Training Program or Training Partner??

For me, training partners are way more important. Unless you are so motivated that it doesn't matter that you consistently do 12-14 sessions a week solo, but who can say that they can do this??

I know a balance between the both is probably the best results, however, when you have training partners that are flexible with the schedule and you can utilize each other or groups, the result is usually more productive. At times I know that without a training partner, no matter if there is a program in front of me or not, I would not be able to complete a session, let alone get some quality out of it.

So, I pose the question, how many people waste money on a program that they do not entirely follow for one reason or another?? During my short life at this sport, there are very few who can say that the program is the only training they will do and not budge from that.

I am lucky enough to have developed a good training network, that covers all three disciplines and enables me to be flexible to change sessions to get some really good quality training in. In saying this, a few solo sessions with podsy (Ipod) can be rather refreshing.

I can see the benefit from having a coach for advice etc, but it is really a coach that you need, or just a mentor?? Someone to write you a program or someone you can call when things are not quite right or for re-assurance? A GOOD coach will be able to do both of these, and should be able to also. I have found that many coaches these days are going to quantity of athletes trying to develop a large group to line their pockets $$$$. I know this is a job for many, but a coach is someone who is more than a boss, it should be a partnership to achieve the goals you want.

So this brings me back to my topic, what is more important?? A Program or Partner? For me, I'll take training partners every day.

With this, my training this year to date has been more productive and consistent than the previous two years as I can call on a variety of people with a variety of levels to achieve what I want. I have also been able to have minimal time off the track due to injuries as I have not been involved in EGO training in which training becomes too competitive regulary and the chance of injuries rises and enjoyment lowers.

So for now, I have no reason to change and will follow this theory until my performance tells me otherwise. With 10 weeks to go until Ironman Western Australia, my focus is on what I can do and not I can't due to poor training scheduling. Anyway, off to finish the weekend with another solid afternoon.

For now...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smashed by a Storm!!

The heading is the summary of my 2 out of 3 recent rides. One Rod Stormonth has handed it to me on a platter. First was Saturday morning and then this morning. The lad is riding really well at the moment and it has been a pleasure trying to hang onto his wheel.

Now, onto the latest and greatest news: ROD STORMONTH has decided to make a comeback to Ironman Triathlons, declaring that Western Australia 2010 is his comeback race. This excites me also, due to the fact that there will be 4 of us in the same area all training for Ironman racing. What more would you want out of training partners, i ask?? We both know that it will a long journey for Rod as it is all of us, but the fact that I/We will be able to draw enthusiasm from each other like I do with my other training partners should also make training even more enjoyable, if possible.

So where am I at? Well, training is going well and I have surrounded myself with purely positive people. As the saying goes, being positive breeds positive and likewise for the reverse. So for now I have positive people around me who are getting great results and is giving me more excitement/ inspiration every day.

Jason, myotherapist and training partner finished 3rd in his category on the weekend in the Australian Marathon Championships held in Bendigo over 105km. This was on his trusty stead, the MTB. Great effort that!!

Carla, another training partner and G/F, is currently in Cairns on her final training/acclimatisation before she heads across to the BIG DANCE at Kona.

If you cannot draw anything positive from achievements like these, you never will.

And for me, just trying to do the hard k's now to hopefully make it easier come race day.

Consistent training has been my motto so far and everything has been coming along well, with ups and downs along the way. The 4.30am starts have been good, haven't got me just yet, however in saying that, am looking forward to a sleep in, when ever that might be. I have re-equated myself with the ocean for cold water recovery sessions, and that is just what they are - COLD!!! However the legs do love it.

Anyway, will blog more regular in the coming weeks.

For now...


Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Journey Starts Now....12 weeks out!!


12 weeks til IRONMAN WA.

  • Time to put the head down and leave all the excuses at the front door each day.
  • Time to focus on what is ahead and not what is in the passed, too many people hang their hat on previous performances and not worry about the next one.
  • Time to capitalize on the winter training that I have done (and some that I haven't) and take the next step to be in IRONMAN condition.
  • Time to pull all resources out for training.
  • Time to get serious.

Enough of the small talk, I often hear people talk it up and not do anything about it. For me, the 12 week mark has hit and the focus has taken over.

My first Ironman Journey was really exciting last year and I hope to follow the same path to get the same result this year.

For those out there who give me support through training, recovery and morally, the time has come to step up and do it all again. I look forward to the same journey again this year.

Now a small recap on the previous few weeks:

Well, after competing at Yeppoon and being happy with my result, the following weekend I cruised down to Hazlewood pondage to compete in a 1.5k swim, 36k ride and 8k run. Cutting to the chase I was happy with that race also backing up 1 week after Yeppoon.

THE SWIM - About time I had a decent swim, still a long way off getting the best out of my open water swimming, however, I had a little bit of advice from a friend about just think that it is me out there and forget about the others. So I swam solo the whole time, probably cost me a little bit of time, however got through in a good time.

16min 59 sec

THE RIDE - Was another solid ride for me, legs started to get heavy towards to end, positive was that no one passed me on the bike and motored passed a lot.

56min 17 sec 6th overall

THE RUN - Once again happy here, due to the 1km hill climb each of the 2 laps, which drained my legs in the second lap. Legs starting to get stronger on the run, don't get me wrong, still a long way off the pace, but improving all the same.

38min 24sec

OVERALL - Another solid performance, placing 4th in my age after starting the run is 1st place. Was a good field with a lot of the athletes fine tuning for the World Champs this month.

Since this race I have been a little slack just doing enough to maintain fitness and nothing more, so nothing to really report here.

The story all starts again.

For Now...