Monday, September 27, 2010

Training is in full swing.

Whilst at this time of year I would have rather been tapering for Kona, like many others who I know over there, and a BIG shout out GOOD LUCK!! (damn that 1 min)...I am in full swing Ironman training, and am loving it.

Loving it for a few reasons, everything is going well, I am in good shape and I get to see where I am at this upcoming weekend at Gold Coast 1/2 Ironman. There is no reason why I won't be able to replicate my performance at Yeppoon and have a really good race.

The training has been consistently 20+ hours per week at the moment and looks to increase once this race is over. The body is holding up really well and with the assistance of good training partners again, training is not only getting done correctly but is very enjoyable whilst we are out there.

Yesterday was the launch of Team XOSize Triathlon Team, which I attended along with training partner and mate Greg Farrell. Scott at XOSize has done a wonderful job setting up this and I do want to thank him for inviting me to join this team and also for the sponsorship that he is providing for me. I look forward to repaying him along the way with good performances and will be doing my best to wave the XOSize flag high.

The gear is really comfortable and have been training in the tri knicks for the last couple of weeks. I am looking forward to wearing the 2 piece kit on Sunday.

Along with this, I am really enjoying the Hammer nutrition, not only does it have a really good taste to it, but also is great on the stomach and I have found that I can use less but go for longer.

So, another thanks to David for looking after me on the nutrition side of things.

The swimming is still coming along nicely, with another beep test tomorrow night, I will be able to gauge the improvements over the last 4 weeks. Paul at Werribee Sharks has been putting a big effort getting large improvements out of who attend and this is something that will help me now and in future races.

This week holds no taper for me, apart from an easy day Saturday due to race registration and all that goes along with it. I am looking forward to this weekend as a few fellow training partners are also going to race, Archie, Trav & Justin. Coach Andrew & myself have slightly different views on the race plan but for me, racing is racing and no holding back. He has been fantastic since I joined his program and has provided qualities that you want in a coach....leadership & direction. I can see a long and successful partnership with him and I also look forward to repaying his time with great results.

So for now, I will continue to enjoy the training that is put in front of me and hopefully punch another solid beep test tomorrow night followed by a good result on Sunday.
For now...

Monday, September 13, 2010

My training starts now...

So the official Ironman Preparation has kicked into gear. I find this funny as what it means is that I have been training to get into shape to train some more...What the??
Anyway, with the occurrence of this and my commitment to stay alcohol free for the duration, I am looking forward to having a great lead up in the Ironman. With 12 weeks until Busso, and the new 12metre drafting rule, my mind is solely affixed to training and what I need to do to do what needs to be done.
The last two weeks have been making sure that I have fully recovered from my Achilles niggle and I can confidently say that I have. So the training was altered to suit my condition, and I managed to cover 38 & 43 pain free k's in the past two weeks. Not much for what is in front, but still enough to keep my legs ticking over without the stress of re-injuring myself. My swimming was 17 & 15k respectively. The riding side of things is still ticking over with nothing major to report as far as the training goes.

So with the training about to really kick into to gear, I would like to announce that I have signed sponsorship offers with Scott at XOSize Active and David at Hammer Nutrition Australia.

I am looking forward to this opportunity not only to be supported by the above brands but working with both to actively promote the quality products and also have success by using the products.

Along with these 2 who are my main Sponsors, I cannot forget Florian at Erox for his continued support and look forward to working further with him so we both can benefit in the future.

I will be able more photos once I complete my next race in 3 weeks being the Gold Coast 1/2 Ironman.
For Now...