Monday, February 21, 2011

New Sponsor on Board!!

I am pleased to announced that Rocket Science Sports is now my official Wetsuit sponsor and also my tri suit sponsor. RSS are making a custom suit up for me for Yeppoon in August and also for the Hawaiian Ironman. Once I receive the 20bpm suit, I will post a pic.

There are many features of the 20bpm suit that will be advantageous for me at Hawaii compared to regular tri suits!

The RSS wetsuit exceeded all expectations when I tried it on and swam in it and am looking at doing some more swimming in it whilst I can still do some open water swimming. The suit is made not only to make you more buoyant in the water but also has the flexibility in the right areas and more buoyancy in the right areas!!

Compared to other wetsuits, that I have liked, the RSS suit is definitely up there with comfort. I will be racing in the wetsuit on Sunday and am looking forward to chalking up a solid swim time. My training has not got me in top shape at the moment, so I don't expect to swim a pb over the 750m, however I will have a good idea of how good the wetty is.
For now training is going really well, getting good k's done in all 3 disciplines along with trialling many new products/nutrition to understand what is going to be the best for me moving forward.
My weight has stabilised and am happy with where it is at..
For now...

Monday, February 7, 2011

A great kickstart to the swimming!!

Just a quick as not much has changed recently, weight is still dropping a little by little and am confident of getting under my last race weight by the months end and then to see what effect that has on my body and training!

On the weekend, I participated in a teams 24hour mega swim. This involved teams of 15 constantly swimming for the entire 24hours....Yep, maybe stupid, maybe ridiculous, but all for a good cause and also a good way to give my swimming a great kick start.

Being a part of Team Xosize, a few of us decided that we would do the graveyard shift. So I got there at 9 pm and was there with Leigh Ryan and Greg Farrell, Greg was at the end of the shift and Leigh was doing a 12 hour shift.....WTF!!! Yep craziness!! So with just Leigh and I there from 10pm til 2.30 am we decided that we would do 2km stints and the other had to recover on whilst counting laps!! Not much fun, I must say that it was definitely better in the water passing the time, although the cramps did get me early!!

With me being anal about counting laps in the pool I decided that I would also time myself to see how much I would drop off over the night. My goal for the night was anywhere between 10-12kms.

So my first 2km stint was over in 30min 10sec, which I was happy about...My only problem was that I was swimming with a sub 26min swimmer for the same distance. So my recovery was not as much as Leigh's!! My second stint was done and dusted in 40 mins, but this time it included 400m backstroke to mix it up a little....a 2.4km if I needed to any more and then get less rest!!! What was I really thinking, apart from swimming at midnight, why would I do more than what was agreed?!?!

The third stint was around the 35min for the 2km and I was just finding a comfy rhythm knowing that I still had another 5-6kms to swim before I had reached my goal. So after 8.4km, Cam arrived and we then decided to swim 500m each and rotate this until more reinforcements arrived at about 4.30am. I was doing the 500m stints in 7min 30 sec whilst Leigh was carving out low 6's....Surely the guy realised that we needed more rest than him.....Might have to speak to him about this!!

So after getting a total of 11km done for the evening, I was done. Leigh had completed a lazy 20km, a crazy effort and just to prove that he wasn't done he punched out a 2.15min last 200m at 6am....12hours after he got there.....Dude, get a life!!!

Anyway, was a great night and one that I know has got me motivated to swim more, once I recover from this one!! If you get a chance to participate, I would recommend it and get some good mates to make the time enjoyable.

For now...