Thursday, May 23, 2013

Something close to home...

So, I find out today that one of my best mates & training partners for the last few years has decided to run 7 Marathons in 7 Days in 7 Different states of Australia.

Ben Robinson & I have been through a lot together as far as training goes and I have been a witness to the battle that him and his wife Tammy have undergone in the last few years (Tammy for the last 21 and Ben for the last 18 or so).

It is not my place to tell their story, however Tammy has opened up her life to the world in her quest to make the world safer for all our kids.

So please have a read of this blog and if you are touched by it like I am, please donate to a great cause.

For the record, I am going to donate $100 for every marathon that Ben runs under 3hr 30min.

He has run a 3hr 3min Marathon and a 3hr 40min Marathon off the bike.

Thanks for the support.

For now...


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Final "Free" Week!

So, as I enter my last "free training" week before I start my 3rd Prep for Kona I have really enjoyed getting the mind fresh, and still testing it at times to see if I am ready to go.

I have been getting something done most days, sometimes 3 sessions in a day, other times just the one.  By doing this I have stayed a pretty good fitness level and am confident that once I get going on a full structured program again, I will be chomping at the bit.

This week sees anther half marathon before me which I am excited to run, just to have a final good crack before everything gets stripped back to start again.   I find myself in an exciting position as 4 - 6 post every other race, I usually put on 6-8 kgs and the body battles to get going for the following 4 - 6 weeks.
The New me Post Ironman (left) vs the Old me Post Ironman (right)

Not this time, I have really looked after my self and actually a tad lighter than when I raced Ironman Melbourne (just under 90kgs).

I have learnt so much about myself, my eating and my discipline since Melbourne.  Don't get me wrong, there has been a few "BIG" days/nights with the crew, but on an overall scale, the majority of time, I have been

Just being a little more prepared and motivated to maintain myself opposed to letting myself go has made it easier along with the support I have received from everyone.  My sister is one of the main ones as she is on my case to "eat clean" which I really appreciate as it has stopped me from eating the pizzas, the KFC and the sausage rolls.

I haven't eaten "fast food" in over 4 weeks and I know that this is one of the main reasons of me keeping the weight down.  And I will say that I am fair from obsessed by it as I know that my body will find its own natural weight.  I am just starting in a better position than previously.

I have even been hitting the pool 3-4 times per week at the moment.  Not doing monster k's, just ensuring that I am ticking the arms over and getting loads of drills done.  I want to keep it this way as swimming always destroys me mentally and is always the one that I drop off first, so by just ticking the arms over, I know that I will be right to ramp it up when needed and get some really good quality in over the next few months.

Having people to commit to has been great, even if it has meant that I have to drive to meet them.  This is another aspect that I have changed, to get the job done, I need to commit to others and sometimes go to meet them.

Now it is a light taper week with getting the legs pumping for the weekend, next week will be a light week and then it all starts.

The only question that will need to be answered is this:

The answer is:

For now....


PS... This new regime is all about one day hopefully getting invited to join:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Team Racing - A Different Experience

The whole team racing is not new to me, however the experience that I had at Busso 70.3 was different to say the least.

In previous team races that I have competed in meant the teams started in the last wave after all the Pros and Age groups.

In Busso the teams were due to start 3hrs after the pros and after all the age groupers were out on the bike and most back in.  I was swimming in a mixed team and we had our own wave.  There were 3 waves, male, mixed and team.

I wanted to have a good hit out as this was most likely going to be my last open water swim for some time.  I started about 10m in front of everyone else and the mind was just to swim as hard as I could until I popped or got caught and then just hang on.  Knowing that there was no bike to follow and the Run  I was doing for another Team (story for later in blog) meant that I had no excuse not to see where I was at.  I have only been back in the pool for a few weeks and this would give me a good gauge and hopefully motivation booster to continue in the pool.  If I am going to give Leigh Chapman another lesson in Kona, I know I need to minimize my lose in the swim as I know his biking has improved.

The swim out was good and on the way back it got a bit choppy, but to see a sub 29min swim (28.53) was pleasing for me.  Handing the chip to my team mate meant a good wait between swim and run was to be had.

The day prior, a girl was on her phone looking dissapointed when she hung up.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me her team runner had pulled out.... So I offered to do the run for her.  She thought that I was joking at first, but I assured her that I would be happy to do it.  Over to register and my day was going to be quality.

The whole fueling here was weird, not exactly knowing what to have in fear of crapping my pants on the run...

I wanted to post a solid run time, as close as I could to 80min so was going to have a good crack at it and the last thing I wanted was this:

So, I decided to go on the lighter side of eating in between the sessions.  Also, not knowing what time my swim/biker would take, I had no idea of when to get ready.  Really weird situation.

After seeing all the runners get ready, I decided to do the same without any idea how long I would be standing there for.  Then one of the officials held up the race number that I was in the team with.  I went over to see what was going on and I was informed that the poor girl had been taken to medical after just one lap and that we were not going to post a finish time.  He did tell me that I could still do the run leg though.  I was happy as my wait was over and it was time to test the legs.  My last run pre this was Tuesday, so I was fresh, however sluggish as the weather had been poor all week.

I set out at a good click holding 3.40's and was feeling good.  Plan was to have a Shotz Gel at 15min and then another at 40min (caffeinated) and 1hr to get me home.  This is easily more than a normal plan for me, however gives me a good look at how much I can consume/absorb for more important races.

Knocking back the first gel was easy and then I was just cruising along holding the same speeds.  Getting through 10k's in almost 37min even I started wondering if I had it in me to have a crack at the 78min I ran in 2010.  16k in 1 hr, meant a 3.40ave for the last 5.1 to have a chance.

I had my caffeine gel here and felt like I need a bit more, so I had my third gel within the next k before the final turnaround, just so that I could concentrate on the final part to the line.

Then Bang, stitch, WTF..... never stitched in a running race, damn, had my gels to close together and the body just didn't like it... slowing to a 4min 33k removed all thoughts of a 78, ok let's go for 79min.. Stopping at the aid station for some liquid, and with a stitch in my right side, meant another slow k 4.19.  With a head wind last 3k, 80min started to look like a battle, so I just tried to see what time I would post this early in my prep.

Getting back under the 4min k pace for the final two k's was pleasing and crossing the line in 1hr 21min 30 sec gives me a great starting point for my Kona assault.  Learning after every race is the key to development and gaining heaps from this run puts me in a good position for my next 1/2 marathon in a few weeks.

Details of my run are below:

You can see where I started to battle, this will be rectified for next run.  The next 10 days are going to resemble a structure that I will take deep into the winters months.  The goal for the next half is sub 80, still not at my fastest but will be showing signs that I am heading that way.  No point peaking now and having TEAM PIS destroy me on the Lava Fields!

Another really good positive from the weekend were the invites to train with various people around the place.  A few from WA, the boys from the Institute, all which I look forward to accepting in the coming months.

For now....


Overall another great weekend and with great starting points and motivation as high as ever, I really look forward to this winter and another good prep for Kona.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Forming new Partnerships - TRIZONE

After a few texts, emails and phone calls with Karl from Trizone I am very pleased to announce that I am going to be a regular on the very popular site.

Karl recently used my Age Group Tips from Ironman Australia and since then we have discussed my tips being a regular feature on the site.  This is something that I very eagerly agreed to.

So, moving forward, I will be providing my tips and insights to Trizone.  I will be attempting to correctly tip all Ironmans in the region including New Zealand (one which I haven't included until now), Melbourne, Port Mc, Cairns and Busso at the age group level mostly.

Along with this, I will be adding some coaching advice for beginners, product reviews, race reports, professional interviews (will have a different flavour to the traditional style), age group interviews, coach profiles along with a few little extras.

As this site does not just focus on the "BIG players", there is a definite feel that many ideas that are thrown up will be acted on.  I am excited to be able to contribute to a great site and looking forward to having many ideas thrown at me to keep it fresh and entertaining.

I will open for any little segments that you want included in my contribution, so like my age group tips, all your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please keep it coming.

For now...


My first attempt will be this weekends 70.3 Race in Busselton. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ironman Australia - Age Group Tips

There are plenty of newbies racing here which is a really good sign, but also many "repeat offenders" going around again which should be the ones chasing the podiums and slots.

The signing of another 5 years shows healthy signs for Ironman Australia, however has me wondering with the lack of points & prize money available to Pro's, what sort of race will this be in years to come.

With only 4 female pro's yet again and 11 males on the start list, which I doubt all will race anyway, there is just not enough value for the Pro's who race here when the week after Busso 70.3 has more $$$ and more Kona points available.  Just doesn't make sense to me.  Having such a Iconic event getting shafted by the organisers is almost unjust.

Any rant over.....Onto the real stuff.

Now, as I said above, with so many newbies racing, there are not that familiar names that I recognise in the start list.  This will be good as apart from the odd stand out, I believe the fields will be rather competitive and the times a fair bit slower than last year.  Then again, I could be wrong.

Male 18 - 24:

Ashleigh McDougall 3rd 2012 should deliver this year with absence of Matthew Burton.
Luke Beauchamp should be right up there also.

Female 18 - 24:

A small field which I am going for Laura Harris.

Male 25 - 29:

Josh Strahorn did 10.22 last year so should push for top position here, it won't be all his own way with a good sized field and plenty hungry to get to Kona.

Female 25 - 29:

Michelle Duffield by a long way here, a good pedigree and that family always goes well.

Male 30 - 34:

Brad Manczak, the BIG man got to Kona last year and is in the camp.  Jarrod always gets his athletes peaking on the right day.

Ben Squiz will lead out of the water, but how long will that lead last for before Scott Hobson takes control on the bike and leads into T2... But how fast does he need to run to capture the "W"??

Smokey: Jarrod Draper, under the careful guidance of David Meade, he could surprise a few in his first start.. No pressure though!

Female 30 - 34:

Kacey Willoughby has turned old ;) and after already securing her Kona spot at Busso, will head into this race relaxed.  I still think those "old" legs will get the chocolates here.
Meredith Hill should podium again.
Cassandra Percival should be pushing the above two for a good portion of the race also.

Male 35 - 35:

Corey Chapman and Marc Rawlings should be the front runners for most of the day in this age group, however with a quality field and the VICARY brothers going to War, anything could happen.

Phillip Townsend, Zane Hopper & Kane Towns should be in contention, however the TEAM PIS mind games might hinder a few in the next few days.

Paul O'Brien should lead out of the water here and be in the front pack on the bike.  Just unsure how many k's he has in his legs to round out the day.

Female 35 - 39:

Erika Ellis age groups up and is my pick to take the flowers home to mum.  With a 10.13 last year, the other girls should get used to the sight of her behind!

Alison Ferry who finished 3rd last year should be around the mark again and along with Katie Dukes & Tarryn Whitmore.

Male 40 - 44:

This is the age group the I believe will have the fastest age grouper for the day in the men's.  Like Matty Lewis did in New Zealand and Olaf Kasten did in Melbourne, there is still hope for us young guys getting faster with age..

It is also a red hot field with many guns lining up for the title.  I am leaning towards David Meade, saw him first hand at Shepparton last year run the pants off many include myself.  The guy is tough as nails and can swim/bike and run the house down.

Others to consider:

Matt Koorey - Just knows how to get the job done.
Dieter McDonald - Firstly I didn't realise he was this old!! He is also form and has been to the big island a few times.
Marcus Smith - 2nd here last year and is ultra consistent.
Bruse Theile - the pressure is on him as his wife has already got a Kona slot and so has Kacey Willoughby (he coaches her) so will be competing along side them at Kona or carrying the bags??
Brian Price will also be around the mark.

Female 40 - 44:

Leanne Southwell is returning as Champion and will salute the chequered flag again first.
Terry Anne Box who finished 3rd will be hoping to get closer but as Southwell swims 50 odd minutes, she will always be a long way ahead.

This is definitely Southwell's to lose.

Male 45 - 49:

This looks to be a very open field.

Andrew Mildren will give the front runners a big start out of the water again, but how much is too much that he cannot chase down??

Paul Muherin will be around the mark also.

Also a shout out to fellow Western Suburbs Triathlon Club Member Louis Lopex who is competing in his 25th Ironman Australia, hope you have a great day mate.

Female 45 - 49:

Angela Clarke to make it back to back wins....

Male 50 - 54:

In this age group there are 4 out of the top 5 returning from last year so will be another cracking age group to follow.

Stephen Bingham will be looking to be champion again, however Bevan Earnst will be trying to find the 45 sec he lost by last year.

Terry Roberts & Grant Thomas will be looking for revenge and hoping to dish it up to the above two.

Female 50 - 54:

The only one that appeals to me is Janet McAfee who finished 3rd in 2012.

Male 55 - 59:

John Hill here.  He is one guy that I enjoy seeing on the start list as it make my tips a little easier in this age group.

Female 55 - 59:

Judith Golledge will be looking to go one better than in 2012 and should greet the line as the victor.

Male 60 - 64:

Ron Wilson to defend his crown and win this by a long way.

Robert Howitt and Rod Harrod to fill the minor places.

Female 60 - 64:

She has to be Ron's wife.... Berryl Wilson last years winner, would be great to see her "chick" her hubby!!

Male 65 - 69:

The evergreen Allan Pittman here....not sure if he is really this age or that the die he puts in his hair covers the greys?!?  But he will take the win.

Resutek Thoephile should be on the podium again.

Male 70 - 74:

George Hulse: 12.50 last year.... Has anyone made him pee into a cup??  That is amazing from a guy of that young age.

In the Pro race, I am going for Patrick Evoe & Rebecca Hoschke.  After seeing Rebecca run at Busso, she will be running all the way to the win!  Although the men's field is not very big I think it will be a good race.  Luke Bell will be trying hard, but I think Evoe has his measure.

I will add that if Bell wins, I believe he will go onto BIG BIG things.. Getting the monkey off the back might be the hard part though.

For Now...


PS... Word just in, Ben the white Kenyan to smash Ched Towns son Kane.

Also, theses are my tips and my views only.  I seem to offend people by writing my blog.  I am not a journalist, nor an expert in this tipping field.  It is more for fun, so if I have left you off and you think you are worthy, don't worry, I don't play GOD on race day and influence your race.  Go out there and have fun and remember:



As for my athletes, I have two racing, both first timers... Scott Slater in the 30 - 34 and Ian Spinks in the 45 - 49, have a great day boys and remember to smile at the finish line.  Do yourselves proud!