Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Final "Free" Week!

So, as I enter my last "free training" week before I start my 3rd Prep for Kona I have really enjoyed getting the mind fresh, and still testing it at times to see if I am ready to go.

I have been getting something done most days, sometimes 3 sessions in a day, other times just the one.  By doing this I have stayed a pretty good fitness level and am confident that once I get going on a full structured program again, I will be chomping at the bit.

This week sees anther half marathon before me which I am excited to run, just to have a final good crack before everything gets stripped back to start again.   I find myself in an exciting position as 4 - 6 post every other race, I usually put on 6-8 kgs and the body battles to get going for the following 4 - 6 weeks.
The New me Post Ironman (left) vs the Old me Post Ironman (right)

Not this time, I have really looked after my self and actually a tad lighter than when I raced Ironman Melbourne (just under 90kgs).

I have learnt so much about myself, my eating and my discipline since Melbourne.  Don't get me wrong, there has been a few "BIG" days/nights with the crew, but on an overall scale, the majority of time, I have been

Just being a little more prepared and motivated to maintain myself opposed to letting myself go has made it easier along with the support I have received from everyone.  My sister is one of the main ones as she is on my case to "eat clean" which I really appreciate as it has stopped me from eating the pizzas, the KFC and the sausage rolls.

I haven't eaten "fast food" in over 4 weeks and I know that this is one of the main reasons of me keeping the weight down.  And I will say that I am fair from obsessed by it as I know that my body will find its own natural weight.  I am just starting in a better position than previously.

I have even been hitting the pool 3-4 times per week at the moment.  Not doing monster k's, just ensuring that I am ticking the arms over and getting loads of drills done.  I want to keep it this way as swimming always destroys me mentally and is always the one that I drop off first, so by just ticking the arms over, I know that I will be right to ramp it up when needed and get some really good quality in over the next few months.

Having people to commit to has been great, even if it has meant that I have to drive to meet them.  This is another aspect that I have changed, to get the job done, I need to commit to others and sometimes go to meet them.

Now it is a light taper week with getting the legs pumping for the weekend, next week will be a light week and then it all starts.

The only question that will need to be answered is this:

The answer is:

For now....


PS... This new regime is all about one day hopefully getting invited to join:

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