Saturday, May 30, 2009

It is another world out there!!

Well the topic for this blog could have been any number of headings, I decided on this one due to experiencing what I have today.

Short story, lasted 25 min of the race, fastest that I have been from 0kph to 40kph and doing 3.28k circuit in 3 minutes for the first few laps was always going to test me out. The other boys at Footscray finished with Mark doing a great job hanging in til the end, with this being his first open race.

Long story:

We were graded in "B" grade, but still had to race in the "open" section with some of Victoria's best cyclists.

The warm up was good with a bit of chatter of how we thought the race would unfold....general concensus was, flat out from the gun and try and settle down around mid race. If, and I mean a big IF things were going along ok by then, we did talk about a few race tactics. Clearly I was never going to be involved in them.

Well, the start line filled me with nerves and having a final chat with Komo we decided to prepare ourselves for one fast start. And yes we were right, from the gun til the first corner was full stick. THe smell of break pads into the first turn was very evident and then out of the first corner the pace quickly increased to above 50kph with the wind. THe first lap was 3min 5 sec when i passed the start finish line so the leaders easily broke 3 mins. Better than 44kph from the gun.

The day was going to hurt.

Well after the first lap, I did try to get a reasonable position, not to close to the back as from previous races, I am aware that this is not a spot to be at. However, hence my title, it is a different world. In saying this, cyclist seem to find gaps where I didn't think were there, most of the time it was just in front of me. SO when I thought I had an ok spot, quickly it was taken from me and I found myself at the wrong end of the field.

I knew I was going to be in trouble when I looked at my speedo and saw 45kph into the head wind and mid-high 50's with it. The rubber band eventually broke after 25 mins and I then turned in for the arvo and watched with Matty Lewis who was there to spectate. Was good to see him out in such good spirits after his crash and after talking with him, I realised how lucky he is to be in the condition he is in, very good for the circumsatances.

Ok, back to the race....The was a breakaway that held a constant lead of 20-25sec for a good half an hour, until the peleton got serious and decided to chase it down. With 15 min to go another break formed and with 2 specialized riders in it, was definately the decisive move. The 7 riders turned to 5 and with 1/2 a lap to go, one of the specialized attacked and got away from the others. He managed to get up for the win and the other specialized rider managed to complete the quinella.

After watching the breakaway for a while along with the peleton, when the heat gets turned on, it gets turned on. I can say that it is a lot more intense to what I am used to....."B" Grade at Footscray!!

The highlight of the day fgor me was seeing Komo finish as this was his 2nd ever race. And by chatting to him after the race, I could see that he is now hooked!! I did ask him the final average speed and he had a tad under 43kph, and in the 1hr 10min or so, covered 51kms. Now that is flying.

From here I plan to race at Footscray tomorrow and then get some serious k's back in the legs for next weekends 3 Day Tour. And gee, I need some k's. After seeing the quality of riders (and yes these guys are not even pros) it puts it into perspective about how different Triathlon is to Road Cycling. They are worlds apart.

Anyway, enough said on that. I did really enjoy the day as a learning experience.

For now...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recovery Week

Just a quick update that my recovery week has come just at the right time as I have been a little ill over the last 4-5days from a bug I picked up at Twin Waters last Friday whilst swimming in a lagoon.

I tried to kill the germs with alcohol over the following few nights, however have not been able to get back to 100% yet. So, an easier week than originally planned for this week then back into it on Monday.

A good mate of mine and now fellow roadie (officially signed up to a cycling club) Mark ( and I are contesting a teams criterium at Calder Park on Saturday. This will be my first official teams race, so will be happy to test my legs and see if I can help the team leader to a good spot at the end of the race.

I haven't been told what my role will be, however I have a fair and suffer, try and recover and do it all again as required. This will be a huge ask for myself as I am far from fit, but will put it on the line to assist where possible.

Anyway, not much will be on for this week, just tick the legs over and throw the arms over trying to feel better and have a half decent recovery week also.

For now...


Monday, May 18, 2009

As well as i expected

That sums up my race on Saturday. As much as I was optimistic, realism hit in not long after the start. Was either going to be a long day or a short one. Well if you can combine both, that was it. I only lasted 55k (or 3 1/2 laps) of the 5 lap race before I was dropped.

The bunch started with 20 riders and by the 15km mark we were down to 12, and from reports the bunch in front didn't lose a rider until well into the race. With our bunch not really working as a unit, we were always going to struggle to make any inroads into the bunches "up the road".

The weather played havoc with my bunch with only 8 of us remaining after 2 laps, which made the day even harder. When the headed towards the start of the 4th lap I was well and truely gone. I sat up and waited for the bunches behind, which didn't take long and was quickly dropped. I rolled around for the rest of the lap and then decided to pull the pin.

As stated in my previous, didn't expect to get any where so was not dissapointed by the result. Just more incentive for next race.

For now...


Saturday, May 16, 2009

A weekly update...

Today, I make my return to Road cycling at Footscray. After looking at the race, it was probably 1 week early for where I think I am currently at. It is a handicap race over 80 odd k's and I have been drawn off third scratch. As I write this post, the time gaps haven't been allocated yet, but a finish for me in todays race will be a win.

The conditions and course dont suit me at all with a You Yangs top finish which I am still with my bunch then, I am taking it as a win. (Even though the result will be different). I will throw up a race report later this afternoon.

Cruised around for 65min this morning with Benny nice and early and since have had my eyes shut reading the script for the remaining of the day. So throw in a tough ride and sore legs...This is one massive challenge!!

The rest of the week has been solid again even thou I am starting to feel the pinch of the 4am rises to get some good quality in and the back up sessions in the arvo, although have been tough, they have been really enjoyable all the same. Training has become very fun, funny when you want to train opposed to feeling like you have to....You actually get more done.

5 runs this week and after today, 5 rides and 3 swims have seen me feel great (although tired at times) but I will keep rolling with the punches until Thursday morning when I fly to the Sunshine Coast for 4 nights.

My weight has been lowering slowly and at this stage I should be at my goal weight for Yeppoon. Although I have conscience about my weight, I haven't let it take over my life (at this stage) and am still enjoying some luxuries of life.

I want to thank the people who have trained with me this week as after 2 straight weeks of 4am rises, it did get difficult to get up, but with the odd occasion of someone joining me, it made it a whole lot easier.

I will give a race report (hopefully good) this afternoon.

For now...


Saturday, May 9, 2009

One week down...

So far my week has been great, have managed to complete every session that I have set out to do (9). I have had hard sessions and easier ones, track sessions and hill sessions. Throw in swim squads and I feel that I am on the right track for a solid "pre-season". Tomorrow will be a solid brick session and then the new week will bring another quality amount of training.

Only a short one this time, but am in a good place atm.

For now...


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 days in and feeling Great!

The reason for this short post is to say that I am happy with my start to some structured training. I know it is only 2 days in, however have loved both 4am starts and and evening trainings also.

In the 2 days, 6hours of cycling, 90mins running and a 90min swim squad set. Am not going into specifics with it all, however by weeks end I should have 17+hours cycling, 5+hours running and 3 hours swimming. The key after this week is to continually back it up week in week out.

Ofcourse once training blocks change, so will volumes, but am in it for the long haul and already have my eye set on Yeppoon - 16 weeks and counting.

For now...


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Same Direction - Less Weight

I have decided to continue my Ironman Journey, but without a coach. I have split with my coach Mat Tippet ( and am going to fly solo for sometime. This Ironman caper is not an easy thing and you need motivation to finish, let alone be competitive. So with this in mind and being through 1 full season of training, I know that I have the motivation to move forward with out a coach and still achieve the results that I desire at the end of the day.

Although I throughly enjoyed my time under the guidance of Coach Mat, there were some things that didn't fit into my life. So I have tailored a program that I know that I will be able to complete week in week out. As I know what I can do and cannot do based around work etc. Sometimes others either a) Don't care or b) don't want to adjust programs to suit individual needs.

I still have a lot to learn along the way and am open for advice, (good, bad or indifferent) to help out. Along with this, I have developed a large network from experienced Ironman races to more individualised athletes in which I am comfortable asking for and receiving advice from.

My race schedule will be the same as last year commencing with Yeppoon 1/2 Ironman in August, then will look at some smaller type races before I race Shepparton 1/2 Ironman in November and finish 2009 with another crack at WA Ironman in December.

I have delayed upping the ante in my training for another week due to work commitments and family functions. After a small ride this morning and another function tonite, I am going to commence training on a heavier scale on Monday. I still have another month of either family or work functions and come June 1 the switch will be flicked and the serious stuff begins.

For now...