Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shepparton Roundup!!!

A quick blog to say that it was a great weekend for me, firstly and importantly, Sam, my son completed his first Triathlon. See pics below!! The best part of it for me was after he crossed the finish line he asked, "Dad, can I do this again next year?" My response was, "Yes mate, for sure"

So I might have a budding triathlete on my hands!! And I can say that I have had no greater feeling than seeing Sam cross that finish line and the grin from ear to ear. It has been better than any feeling that I have had after a race.
I will post my race report over the next few days. The weekend was all about watching Sam do his first Triathlon.

For now...


Sunday, November 8, 2009

To Race or to Train??

The question that is in my mind for Shepparton 1/2 Ironman. I have entered the race and my final lead up race before WA Ironman. Last year I used this race to give me confidence going into WA. This year, with so much focus for me on the Ironman, using it as a training session is going through my mind.

I can sit here and say that now, however come Sunday, I know I will be out to race....that's what I do, race in races. The lead up I can control, either have a few days recovery or train right up til Saturday morning. With one minor hiccup of late, having a few days rest is prob what I need, so a small recovery week is the most likely scenario.

I don't know what to expect, have had a really good previous 4 weeks and am the fittest that I have ever been. In saying that, I should be!!!

Another thing that has popped up for me is the forecast weather for Shepparton....41 degrees!! What the??? So to race this race with no after affects will be difficult, I don't want to lose any training days post this race. I think a very adhoc week will be planned and decisions will be made as Sunday comes closer.

A MASSIVE congratulations to Jason Quigley, great mate, training partner and myo for places 3rd overall is his debut 12 hour Mountain Bike race. Things also looking like they are going in the right direction for his 24 hour solo race at the end of November. Well done mate!!!!

Still doesn't give me any incentive to ride with him in the "off season" due to the fact that now he is fitter, I will have no chance of surviving the ride.

For Now...


Ps.....Carla is home on Wednesday, so I will be able to catch up on goss from Hawaii in more detail. Missed you :-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Things just rolling along!!

Well trying to....

Fatigue is kicking in, legs are constantly hurting......but I have to go on, I have to get up early and train and I have to back up of an afternoon. Running is helping alot, however it is building the fatigue.

The last two weeks have been run after run, after.....yes, you guessed!! I can say that I am enjoying and looking forward to my runs, in hope (maybe pray) that it pays off this year and I can hold a solid marathon.

Seeing a few lads out on the weekend proves that to get the the start line, you have to do the k's. To get to the finish line, you have to hurt!!!! And I am hurting. This morning's swim hurt, this afternoon run, it hurt. My muscles are aching, BUT I AM LOVING THIS!!! I can't get enough, my focus is purely on the race day, WA Ironman in December. Somewhere in between I get another year older, have a Half Ironman to do and still have to work. Those things are only in the back half of my mind, the forefront is the Ironman.

Questions that continually run through my mind, answers that only race day can give. Patience that is needed to find those answers.

All I can do for now is keep training, when I hurt, I want to hurt more, I want to continue to train. I am really starting to include other training partners who are not doing such a big race and are out for a cruisy training ride, just to make sure I am going. NO EXCUSES!!

The weather has turned for the best and the cafe riders are out in their droves....for me, it is off to the deadest slowest roads that I can find (And I have found a few!!!!) not only to work the body, but to work the mind. Getting the mind used to nothing, absolutely nothing but the job at hand. No wandering off into "happy places", these roads are not fun, no happy thoughts, just the job in front of me.

I don't think that I have hit my peak fitness to date, but am not far away.

Tomorrow, being a public holiday, enables me to endure more time in the saddle, pounding the pavement and catching some rays in the pool.

The Ironman cannot come quick enough, I am looking forward to it and the pain it is going to dish up to me.

For now...