Thursday, June 21, 2012

Starting to get excited!

It has been a few weeks since I blogged and after having a joke with a mate about what my next blog would be about I resisted the "where it all began" blog.  Sorry Jas, you were there, you know the story!!

Everything is now stepping up a gear in my 2nd Kona adventure.  All my family has booked there flights and accommodation and I even asked Big Boy (aka Ian Scott) if he would like to venture over earlier than his original plan to get some training done in the conditions of the race and on the course.  To my delight he accepted my invitation with one criteria....

We don't drink $1 coronas until after the race.  Come on mate, are you for real??  Ok, only a few, nothing like the days of Yeppoon!  DEAL.

Having great company over there for the weeks leading into the race is going to be great.  Not only great athletes, but great people.  Greg Farrell and I have started to discuss different options for training (well he has been asking) and I can really see the excitement & nervousness in him already.  What has he got to prove??  First me nothing, just a solid race that he can learn from for future Hawaiian experiences, exactly what I went through.

Matty Burton will be great to train with again, as he is going to defend his title from last year.  With the 3 of us (all in different a/g) it will be great fun running along Ali'i Drive and carving up the Queen K both in training and come race day.

I can really see my training take shape and the extra 10 or so kg's I added since Ironman Melbourne are started to fall off.  I got back in the pool this week (squad) and got a great reality check.  I need some work to get back to where I was, let alone try and improve.  My riding was going along ok, until I rode some hills.... Ok, time to get back into them also..  Where is Jason to hand it to me up the hills again??  The run has been sluggish however ticking off the boxes has been my goal.

Just having some speed work introduced shows that I am still a long long way off , however with around 116 days until race day, I know that I will be back in better shape than last year.  My run effort last night had a max of 3min 42sec k pace for 1 k.  Sounds ok, however when I look back and think that I ran a 1/2 marathon averaging the same pace for the whole thing, well yep.....I am a fair way from it.

I am not concerned at all, as I know with experience to trust the coach and with the base that I have worked hard to build, I will be back somewhere near where I was very soon.

The Planta Fasciitis is starting to come good mainly due the simple things called:


By adding heat into my feet and sleeping with socks on the help circulate the blood flow I have been able to get up in the morning and actually walk.  It is an amazing feeling again.  Fighting through the pain for so long and now having some good relief from it means that I can really push the body again without the pain factor.

I am also re-introducing massages twice weekly to get on top of any injuries before they become something. What I have found and am finding is that athletes are more worried about looking after the chassis and not the engine.  We are more likely to go and spend thousands of dollars on our equipment but are too tight to spend $50 - $100 per week getting the body treated so we can get the best out of ourselves come race day.

As Fos has told me on many occasions.... prevention is better than cure!

The coaching is hitting a good level and one that still thrills me with every new conversation, every new athlete coming on board and every new challenge that is thrown my way.

For Now...


PS.  A big shout out to a mate, Brett Carter for packing up his life and chasing his dream! Hope it all works out for you mate and I am still looking forward to lining up against you at Kona this year!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The first 2 weeks...

So today was the completion of the first two weeks in my Kona 2012 Preparation.  Some good things, some bad things and some learning things!

The good... The legs are starting to come back in both the ride and run.  I have broken through the "ugly" phase and am into feeling good again.  The running was approx 45k week 1 and 60k's this week.  The riding has a similar build and am looking forward to another enjoyable ride with the guys tomorrow.

The learning... A couple of "unnamed" boys learnt a lesson on nutrition yesterday.  This simple... 1 bottle of water doesn't get you through 4hrs of training!! Both boys learnt this after "bonking" yesterday and feeling the effects post session.

The bad... The planta fasciitis is back :(.  After 2 weeks of getting back into it I am already getting the same pain, if not more to what I was experiencing before Ironman Melbourne.  I have been researching "other" ways to help conquer this little issue.  I know that I can handle the pain whilst training, however post training, during the night and first thing in the morning is where I suffer the most.

With my research, I am going to investigate alternate options to what I have tried previously with stretching etc.  I have to look deeper into this issue to try and get sorted sooner rather than later.

I am also trying a different approach on some of my sessions and started the experiment today.  I will be monitoring my results to see if beneficial before I release what I am doing.  Exciting times ahead.

Tonight sees the final stage of the Criterium du Dauphine and as per last night I will be cheering on the Aussie boys and am hoping that they dominate the stage like last night.

For now...


Thursday, June 7, 2012

As the Joker once said....

So, the journey to Hawaii 2012 has begun.  Very slowly of course, just ticking the arms and legs over, getting some routine back in the system.

Like with any exercise after a break (mine has been a good 4 weeks of nothing) the first few sessions are ugly, ugly as in everything hurts, the form is poor and the small session feels like forever.

I did a 2k continuous swim last week and was just happy to get the 2k done without stopping, this is how far I have dropped back.  Ticking it over in 33min 19sec was a surprise as it felt like a good 40min.  At my best I can usually go under 28min for the 2k, so I am a long way off, however it has begun.

Andrew and I have decided to try a few new things this preparation to try and get a few (9) minutes faster than last year.  And yes I do believe that I have 9min in me at Kona.

The highlight for me over the last week was following 5 of my athletes at Ironman Cairns and Cairns 70.3.

I had 4 1st timers at Ironman and was very very happy with the result from all of them.  Alastair broke 11hrs, Tom 11hr 20min, Jerome 11hr 48min and Rene just over 12hrs.  A BIG BIG congrates to all of you.

Jane competed in the 70.3 event and after talking to a few people regarding this, the swim seemed to be a monster battle from the get go.  Jane performed exactly as expected and nudged the 6hr mark which puts her in great shape com Western Australia IM in December.  For a 45-49 a/g this really places her well to improve on her 7th last year.  No pressure Jane ;)

The number of athletes are still growing and the results are starting to speak for themselves.  From the first timers to others who want to improve, everything is headed in the right direction, not just for myself, but for TMC also.

As you can tell, I am as excited for my athletes as what I am for my own training/racing plans.

This weekend sees a long weekend in front of us and one that sees my training take the next level.  My running has increased from 40k last week to approx 65k this week and will see me back up to the 100k per week mark pretty soon.  I love the 100k a week running.  Just breaking that barrier week in week out makes me want to get up and train.

I have implemented core/body work and have been able to commit to this 3 sessions per week.  I can assure you though that I have not lost my "mud guts" and there is no "6 pack" shining through.  Anyway, if I just maintain my consistency with this, it should make me stronger throughout.

From the weekend I want to give a BIG GET WELL SOON to two mates who unfortunately crashed on the bike leg in the 70.3 & the Ironman.  Nathan Ashton (raced Kona last year) hit a pot hole in the 70.3 race after he was flying on the bike and Rod Hutchinson who crashed after 100k in the IM.  Rod was sitting comfortable in about 6th or 7th at the time and was looking to qualify for Kona this year.  I feel for both these guys as they have been working hard and to end a race that way is nothing that I would wish on 99% of the people I know!!

Another Big shout out to Brett Carter who posted a lazy 8hr 40min time, my a/g :(. After a sizzling 49min swim, he backed up with a smoking 4hr 41min ride and then finished with a 3hr 8min run, but who's counting?!?!  Congrates mate and I look forward to the battle on the Big Island again!

Anyway time to put the feet up and rest, ready for swim squad tomorrow!

For now...


Friday, June 1, 2012

Ironman Cairns Age group Selections

These are my full selections:

First up 18-24... Female - Kassie Alford as she is the only entrant!!
Male - Luke Burton - has..some good recent form

25-29 a/g Female - I think this one will be between Joanna Carmen & Kira Flanagan with the later finding some form at the right time
25-29 Male - I believe Mark Smolonogov will win this after a 9hr 36 IMAustria and then 10hr IMMelb this year. Others to watch are Nick Black, Ryan Milton & Sam Watson

Female 30-34...  promises me she is going to win this...however Emma Miller might spoil her party after qualifying for Kona at Ironman Melbourne, unsure if she will start thought

Male 30-34  should win this one comfortably and is my pick for fastest a/g swimmer.  will be in with a good...Tim Molesworth will just give up to much start in a much stronger field than his last IMWA

Female 35-39... Monica Dalidowicz is my pick here. There are a few others in the mix though including Eliza Brabyn.

Male 35-39... The most competitive in my opinion. After running with Danger at IMMelb and Ross Jackson in my first IM, I have a bit of bias towards both.  Danger Angus is my tip, however Nathan Fitazackerley, Travis Hickman & Rae could all be vying for Kona spots

Female 40-44 Sam Boag & Susan Crowe by the length of the straight if there recent Long course form is anything to go by.

Male 40-44 a/g  (Matt Lewis) is actually my tip 9hr 17min & fellow  athlete.  (Brett Urwin) to be close behind.  This one could go down to the wire.

Female 45-49 - 3 way tussle here b/t Susan Meehan, Frances Edwards & Robyn Gutry. 
Male 45-49... My single tip here is Ralph Glatz.

Female 50-54 Julienne Drysdale, has been to Kona, knows how to get the job done. 
Male 50-54 Kev Fergusson by an entire week if he pushes hard..

Female 55-59.. only 3 to pick from here. I am going for Sharman Parr who back in 1998 went to . Long time between drinks but think she should bring home the chocolates.

Male 55-59 Can't choose b/t Stephen Hempel & former sub 10hr IM Tom Valena here....should be a cracking race.

Female 60-64 Shirley Rolston will win unless someone else got a sneaky entry! 
Male 60-64 Graham Crocker to take out the mens...

70-74 Male - Shoichiro Ochiai will get his maiden IM win here. There once again could be a sneaky late entrant though.

Pro Male: Could be another Ironwar between  & Cameron Brown unless Macca gets an Olympic spot. Thinking Cam should be able to win this as Macca has been training for the Olympic spot which at the time of writing he missed out.  This will mean a cracking race at Kona and one that makes me even ore pumped for.

Pro Women:  & Jo Lawn should have a battle here also and if  has his way, he might "win" here! Based on his twitter feed recently!

Now as for me I have 5 athletes that I am coaching racing on the weekend and want to give a bit shout out to the following people:

Tom Lazarus 30-34 1st Ironman
Alastair Thomson 35-39 Ironman
Jerome Peyton 40-44 1st Ironman
Rene Rutze 50-54 Ironman

Jane Powell 70.3 (will no disclose her age also though she looks a lot younger than it says!)

Good luck to all of you and am shattered that work prevented me from coming after already booking and paying for everything.  Will be following you all closely and cheering you on from afar.

For Now...


As far as my training goes, am in week 1 and just getting going again, so nothing really to update at this stage.