Thursday, June 7, 2012

As the Joker once said....

So, the journey to Hawaii 2012 has begun.  Very slowly of course, just ticking the arms and legs over, getting some routine back in the system.

Like with any exercise after a break (mine has been a good 4 weeks of nothing) the first few sessions are ugly, ugly as in everything hurts, the form is poor and the small session feels like forever.

I did a 2k continuous swim last week and was just happy to get the 2k done without stopping, this is how far I have dropped back.  Ticking it over in 33min 19sec was a surprise as it felt like a good 40min.  At my best I can usually go under 28min for the 2k, so I am a long way off, however it has begun.

Andrew and I have decided to try a few new things this preparation to try and get a few (9) minutes faster than last year.  And yes I do believe that I have 9min in me at Kona.

The highlight for me over the last week was following 5 of my athletes at Ironman Cairns and Cairns 70.3.

I had 4 1st timers at Ironman and was very very happy with the result from all of them.  Alastair broke 11hrs, Tom 11hr 20min, Jerome 11hr 48min and Rene just over 12hrs.  A BIG BIG congrates to all of you.

Jane competed in the 70.3 event and after talking to a few people regarding this, the swim seemed to be a monster battle from the get go.  Jane performed exactly as expected and nudged the 6hr mark which puts her in great shape com Western Australia IM in December.  For a 45-49 a/g this really places her well to improve on her 7th last year.  No pressure Jane ;)

The number of athletes are still growing and the results are starting to speak for themselves.  From the first timers to others who want to improve, everything is headed in the right direction, not just for myself, but for TMC also.

As you can tell, I am as excited for my athletes as what I am for my own training/racing plans.

This weekend sees a long weekend in front of us and one that sees my training take the next level.  My running has increased from 40k last week to approx 65k this week and will see me back up to the 100k per week mark pretty soon.  I love the 100k a week running.  Just breaking that barrier week in week out makes me want to get up and train.

I have implemented core/body work and have been able to commit to this 3 sessions per week.  I can assure you though that I have not lost my "mud guts" and there is no "6 pack" shining through.  Anyway, if I just maintain my consistency with this, it should make me stronger throughout.

From the weekend I want to give a BIG GET WELL SOON to two mates who unfortunately crashed on the bike leg in the 70.3 & the Ironman.  Nathan Ashton (raced Kona last year) hit a pot hole in the 70.3 race after he was flying on the bike and Rod Hutchinson who crashed after 100k in the IM.  Rod was sitting comfortable in about 6th or 7th at the time and was looking to qualify for Kona this year.  I feel for both these guys as they have been working hard and to end a race that way is nothing that I would wish on 99% of the people I know!!

Another Big shout out to Brett Carter who posted a lazy 8hr 40min time, my a/g :(. After a sizzling 49min swim, he backed up with a smoking 4hr 41min ride and then finished with a 3hr 8min run, but who's counting?!?!  Congrates mate and I look forward to the battle on the Big Island again!

Anyway time to put the feet up and rest, ready for swim squad tomorrow!

For now...


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