Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another week down, another week closer!

Well, it has been some weeks since my last post!

Haven't things changed since.  I am head down, bum up training, coaching and working, doing my best to combine all three.

And everything is going good as gold, the athletes are back into full swing, more new athletes coming on board and some still just recovering and enjoying the good life.

Unfortunately something has had to give.....For me this is the blog & Tour de France.  My normal July entertainment, but not this year.  The closet that I am getting is reading the write up in the mornings or watching the replay that evening.  The blog will be back going on a more regular basis also, so hoping to add some more resourceful things, so if you want to know anything about my training, coaching or random things, feel free to ask.

Training has really stepped up a gear and am consistently hitting 23-25hrs per week and with the new regime, things are going well.  The program once again is speaking for itself and all I have to do is just tick boxes.

The count is down under 10 weeks until I leave and I know that I will be in far better shape for this assault on the Big Island.

There is not much else to report on training, however both myself and TMC have had some big things happen.

For myself, I have teamed up with SHOTZ nutrition and also CBD Cycles for the next year and along with my current sponsors Rocket Science Sports, XOSIZE active & SCHNELL Carbon Wheels I know that I am in good hands.

For now...


PS. To the anonymous person who left the complimentary comment on my last post.  Thanks :)
There are many reasons why you would have done this without leaving your name, to me, most likely jealousy, but whilst you are busy reading and commenting on my things, you are not really worried about your own space, so keep up the great work!!  Just hope someone is not paying for your services!!

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