Thursday, August 9, 2012

Doesn't time just fly..

After looking back on my previous post, time has just ticked by, well actually it has flown by.

A lot has happened and improvements are also happening.  I won't bore you with everything just a quick summary.

Swim:  My swim times this year in a 50m pool are the same as what they were last year in a 25m pool, happy about that.

Bike: The k's are a lot more consistent this year and the way the program is going it is really working for me.  Including some more intensity, a few races (nothing special to report here as a finish is a victory) and a lot further in front of last year.  Looking on track to tick off the box here.

Run: It is just going along well, nothing flash, no top end speed, but could not be happier with where it is at.  Being able to run 3min 30's for a good period of time means that my leg strength is there and that is all that I am after.  I don't need leg speed right now.  My 1k efforts are about 3min 25sec per k and my 5 k efforts are 3min 30sec per k, not much difference there!

Overall everything is on track.  Having a recovery week last week was actually refreshing although I feel like I lost a little bit of motivation, so just getting back on top of that now.

Coaching: Well, this is just going from strength to strength.  Understanding and learning more and more everyday about my athletes is giving me a lot of drive and motivation.  I just cannot fault the athletes that I coach.  The challenges, the results and the conversations just makes me tick.  I am looking forward to post Kona where things will get even more exciting for all!

On a more exciting subject... SPONSORS!!

I am very very excited to be part of the SHOTZ Sports Global nutrition Team.  Darryl and Steph have already been fantastic to work along side and the education that they have been giving me is World Class.

You can check out all the GREAT nutritional products here. I just have to get Darryl to include my profile on the team, along with fellow TMC athlete and training partner Greg Farrell and things will be perfect!

Of course CBD Cycles are on board, not just with myself, but also with the entire TMC team.  Another exciting partnership for everyone.
A recent new partnership has been formed, nothing quite "official" yet, however it is with a company that I already use their products so I am very excited to be associated further with them.  When everyone is formalised, I will be more than happy to announce them.

These 3 brands along with my current sponsors will ensure another successful lead in/race/ season for me moving forward.

I have already locked in a few races post Hawaii and am looking forward to enjoying my final year in the 30-34 a/g.

For Now...



  1. Keep it up mate, looking good. oatesy

  2. Agree X man, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep working - brick by brick mate. Adrian