Monday, December 31, 2012

2012...My year of playing bridesmaid!

So, it is the end of 2012....Another year gone and a new one almost here.  Upon reflection of my year is has dawned on me that I played bridesmaid for most of the year..  It hasn't fazed me as I have had an0ther cracker of a year.  Probably right up there with 2011.

Here are a list of my bridesmaid performances:

Ironman Melbourne: 2nd fastest age group bike split for the day, 2nd age grouper into T2 and onto run, 2nd in the age group (30-34), 2nd TMC athlete across the line behind Greg Farrell.

Ironman Hawaii: My 2nd race here with my 2nd best result.  2nd off the bike in my a/g (30-34) 2nd TMC athlete home behind Greg Farrell.

Murray Man Long Course: My 2nd race here and the first time I have been 2nd behind Kevin Fergusson (3rd overall).

Shepparton 70.3: 2nd in 30-34 age group behind Jamie Black, 2nd fastest run split in my a/g. 2nd fastest time I have done on the course 4hr 15min.

Canberra 70.3: 2nd TMC athlete behind Ben Hughes.  My 2nd fastest 70.3 time for the year 4hr 17min. 2nd fastest bike split in my age group.

Footscray CC Crit race: 2nd in B Grade behind Mark Micallef.

It has also been my 2nd year of coaching!

So overall I have had a great year and have had plenty of highlights, but thought that I would mention plenty of the above.  It is more a piss take as I have had a great time!

I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed finishing second on all of the above results as I know that I gave my all, have no excuses and purely got beaten by the better athlete on the day!

Now for 2013... I will be the 2nd Male Coppock to join the veterans in the cycling ranks behind The great Fos (aka Marcus).  Something that I am really looking forward to.

2013 will be another great year for me as I have many new athletes venturing into their 1st Ironman and more that are returning to improve their results.

Hope everyone out there has had a great 2012 and I look forward to sharing my 2013 with you all!

Happy New Year!!

For Now...


PS... I can't thank enough my sponsors/partners, Andrew (TMC), Scott (Xosize & Rocket), Karl (Schnell), Darryl (Shotz), Berna & Brendan (Sexy Mart) and Anth & the crew at CBD cycles.  I will have some more news in the new year about further sponsors.

Train Smart & Race Hard!

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