Monday, September 2, 2013

Kona Video Blog - Week 1 Round up

After a busy weekend, I find myself in Mildura trying to figure out why I entered the Tour of Murray bike race.

I am very lucky to be tagging along with the Huon Genesys Team for the week.

It is already a bit overwhelming to say the least.

I know Damo is having a chuckle at me as it is a total roll reversal from me coaching him to Ironmans.

The car trip up was good and he has tried to help settle my nerves. Over the weekend I got some good footage of my ride and took a lot of small videos on my climb and descent on the hill repeat that I did.

I have started up a YouTube channel, to view the videos, go to:

There is footage, climbing, descending and a general wrap up of my weeks training.

It seems easier to go there than trying to upload them all.

Will hopefully get some footage and some insight into the bike race.

There are 102 starters for the races and I am number 152.

The race website is:

Tomorrow is stage 1... 163k road race, going to be 30deg and from the reports from a few of the boys, they are going to try and get it done in 3hr 45min or so...

My race plan... hang on for as long as I can, then try and hang on longer.. Every Km that I get with the bunch is going to help me at Kona, esp mentally.

This is going to hurt..


Could be many photos of me in this position:

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