Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ironman Melbourne 2013 Age Group Tips - Part 2

Female 35-39:

Another Hot age group:

947: Jodie Barker - Did race NZ and am thinking she will either not start or just "go around".
963: Zoe Ferguson - A Sean Foster trained athlete, will be there abouts at the finish, not an IM specialist but I doubt she would be racing just to fill the numbers!
1001: Julianna Schliebs: Always at the pointy end of the field, will be again.
1007: Elizabeth Stretton: has gone well under 10hrs and will be hard to catch here.
1010: Catherine Theile: Trained by hubby Bruce and always gets the job done, will be a toss up between her and Stretton for me.
1014: Tarryn Whitmore: Will be competitive, just unsure if the run will be the achilles heel.

There are a few unknowns here for me also, however Theile & Stretton are my picks for the top 2.

Male 40-44:

The numbers just keep growing.  This age group will have a lot of spots and there will be some lucky athletes here!!

1076: Erin Carozzi
1225: Olaf Kasten -  9.10 in 2012
1246: Scott Lawton - 9.17 in 2012
1294: Bevan Nicholson - 9.08 in 2012
1341: Aaron Richardson - 9.10 in 2012
1370: Jaysen Searle - 9.30 IMAUST 2012
1421: Brett Urwin - I think he is due for a good one, blew up massively at Cairns, but has good training partners in Mitch Anderson and co, and I have seen him out and about solo this time.
1415: Travis Tremayne: Took a cheap entry to Kona with a roll down at Auckland, time that he delivered on the Ironman stage like he always he is going to.

Once again, there will be many who I have missed, but with 450+ athletes here the above are still going to give it a good nudge!

Female 40 - 44:

I think that there are a few standouts here:

Georgie Camakaris: 3rd last year and without the first 2, should be a good show!
Carolyn Dews: 2nd IMAUST 2012 with a 10.35, prob the one to beat!

Male 45-49:

1528: Spot Anderson -  will lead the swim in this age group if not overall.
1560: Graham Bruce - 10.15 IMWA 2012
1608: Darren Franken - has just aged up, will be very tough to beat here...a 9.30 athlete on his day
1630: Rob Hill - like many mentioned before, always gets the job done, been to Kona 6+ times, speaks for itself.
1651: Toshihisa Kanayama - 4th 2012 Melb, will be around the mark again
1666: Simon Leversha -
1689: Brian Millet - 1st 2012 IMWA

Female 45 - 49:

1824: Christine Lefeaux - 10.55 IMAUST 2012
1829: Sharyn Nicols - 3rd Cairns 2012

Male 50 - 54:

1891: Kevin Fergusson by forever!
1985: Toby Somerville to finish 2nd

Female 50 - 54:

2020: Sarah Collins 2012 Cairns Age Group winner
2036: Mary Mitchell 2nd 2012 IMWA

Male 55 - 59:

2070: John Hill will be on his 5th beer before the others get to the finish.
2077: Phillip Murray - returning age group winner from 2012.
2080: Robert Owens - 3rd here last year
2056: Andrew Davidson - 2nd Cairns 2012
2069: Stephen Hempel - 3rd Cairns 2012

Female 55 - 59:

Only one here for me:

2106: Nancy Cullen, will be a long long way in front!

Male 60 - 64:

2140: Tomas Valena - don't know of anyone else!

Female 64 - 64:

Picking at random:

2143: Helen Freer

Male 65 - 69:

The fact that there are 10 here is great!!

Random selection goes to:

2149: Niel Gilbert

Female 65 - 69:

2155: Karla McKinlay Always keeps going!

Male 70 - 74:

2157: Geoffrey Thorsten

Let's see how many are right, wrong or way off:

Good luck to all racing and am happy to be proven wrong.  But remember finishing 15th and getting a Kona spot doesn't deserve a mention here!!

For Now...



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