Saturday, July 16, 2011

The countdown is on...

Yes, I am counting down. Counting down to the biggest race of my life. Counting down until I jump on the plane to head across to Kona and even counting down until I get on the plane to head to Yeppoon 1/2 in 4 weeks.

I am also counting down to get out of the weather here, yes the sun has been shining, however it has been freezing. Hence I write this blog at 9am instead of being out on the bike. That's what my afternoon plan is.....riding in the sun. With the weather getting below 0 deg, I decided that I am no super hero, nor am I trying to get used to the cold conditions, so waiting until the afternoon is my decision!

Now, as far as training is going, it is going well. After suffering the potentially disease "man flu" I had to have an easy week, which coincided with my recovery week and managed 12 hrs of training, I am now back into the full swing of things getting back up to my comfort zone around the 20hrs per week. I know that I will be going up a level soon and hitting 25+hrs per week, but let's wait until that comes around. I learnt my lesson about wanting more, refer to this blog. So patience is my motto and getting every session ticked off along the way is my goal.

Training is still fun (apart from trying to get out is 0 degrees), swimming is going well and it was good to see Matty Lewis at the pool yesterday. We had a bit of fun trying to tame the swimming beast Greg Farrell which also coincided with Matty and I both swimming pb's for the distance we relayed in!!

Greg had been a great help to me in the pool, getting my to well and truly step out of my comfort zone and I am learning my boundaries and limits for respective distances. Pushing me until I can't be pushed any more.
Sometimes I get out of the pool feeling and looking like this. (notice how red this swimmers back is = fatigued)

Often the comment, "Is your back sun burnt?" gets asked, my usual response is, "No, just been swimming with Greg!"

I have enjoyed the sessions, and am seeing improvements week after week. We both have set a plan in place and are working towards it and I am very sure that it will be anther box that I will tick off.

It has been great getting back on the bike also. I am currently mixing up the riding between my trusty TT bike and my roadie. Breaking up the rides by doing this is making it so much easier to get out and enjoy the sessions. But soon the roadie will be having a spell and the TT bike will be out in force.

Getting back out on the bike for 10+ hours per week makes me comfortable, however I know that I am a fair way off from having my riding legs.

At Mag trainer Thursday night my legs exploded a few times. My mind still thinks that I have cycling legs, however the body does no better....for now!! My legs will be "all rounders" with both cycling and running heavily implanted in them.

The running is still going well, putting the recovery week behind me where I felt like my legs gained 10kg's each as I could not reach the speed/efforts that I could previously. My running legs are coming back and my intensities are back to where I like.

Overall everything is on track and I am really looking forward to the increased volume, I am just hoping for some moreand less.

For now...


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