Monday, July 25, 2011

The numbers keep growing, the weeks keep shrinking...

That's right, the weeks are, however my numbers in training are So I would say that things are heading the right way for both stats.

I am still a long way off peaking at my training numbers, however the body and mind are feeling as good as ever and the increases are more enjoyable rather than intimidating. I had a chat with Coach Andrew last week about where the numbers might get to if my body holds up....That is bloody scary. I am hoping that I can get to those numbers (will state them down the track) to see how mentally strong I am and how much improvements I still have left in me.
How motivating was it to see Cadel Evans win the Tour De France. I must admit, the late nights got to me and was unable to sustain the night in night out ritual like many of my friends did but the motivation that I have gained from it has been fantastic. Could not have come at a better time for me. Not that the motivation was dwindling, but to get a massive boost is always a help. I was going to blog mid week about motivation and what gets me going, however seeing Cadel take the Tour Victory is enough for now..(Maybe another topic for down the track)
Everything has been going according to plan, however I did learn one thing yesterday afternoon....I cannot eat a whole box of favourite chocolates and not be violently ill that night. Rookie mistake one would say.....I would say, I was just being a pig!! Lesson learnt, no harm done to training, this time!!

The swimming has been showing improvements and today I got the understanding of how Ben felt when he swam with me regulary. When you consistently swim with someone faster, you never actually feel like you are improving and it is not until you reflect on the times you are producing that you realize that you are making improvements. For me, swimming with Greg has been a great thing, someone who is just out of reach when the going gets tough. This has helped me greatly, however never making inroads into the distance between us started eating me up today.

The agreed set was 500m w/up, then 38 x 100m on a 1.30 cycle. This might mean a lot to many, however in triathlete terms, this is a big set for the average swimmer (that's me!!). The first 15 were "easy" (unsure how doing a 1.30m cycle can ever be "easy"), then following that the next 15 were "solid" (that's more like my intensity for these) and the final 8 at "tempo" (hmmm, this was always going to be a battle.

We agreed that we would come in on around the 1.25min for the first 15 then decrease the time after this. First 15 come and go.....average 1.22min, feeling ok, however knowing that when the set changes to "solid" (must be his solid not mine!!) I was going to hurt. I managed to knock off 25 x 100m on the 1.30min cycle before my arms said that was enough. Now I am no quitter, so I rested for 1 set, added some paddles and buoy and continued on my way. I got through another 8 on the 1.25 cycle before I rested again and then finished off the last 4 trying to hang onto Greg.

For me, this was a pass!! I was hoping to get to 20, 25 was more than acceptable first up. Next time around no less than 38 will be acceptable.

The riding is also improving and I am feeling my riding legs returning, finally. A few hills on the weekend was enough to return some waining confidence about my cycle legs. And the running is the running. It comes around 8-10 times a week and then it returns the next week. My legs are getting stronger with both the riding and running, however it is always hard to gauge these without racing. One would say that I am really looking forward to Yeppoon in 3 1/2 weeks!!

For Now...


PS. On a different note, I would like to send my condolences out to all that knew the late John Cornish who was unfortunately hit by a vehicle on Friday evening whilst out training and passed away due to the injuries suffered. I didn't know John that well myself, however I certainly know many people who were close to John and my heart felt wishes go out to all of you. John was a Pro-triathlete in his day and then switched across to Pro-cycling and was well respected by his peers. John also was a Triathlon coach at Tri-Alliance.
This gives a reminder that whilst we are training, we have to keep alert at all times, some things cannot be avoided, this for example, however please take care out there and stay safe. This is news that as a fellow triathlete and cyclist I wish I didn't have to hear/read about especially when it touches people around you.

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