Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Here we go...

Tonight is the official start of my Ironman Hawaii preparation. So far I have been running like no tomorrow, following the black line over and over again in the pool and with the occasional pedal around the streets to prepare myself for a massive 12 weeks.

With the actual race 94 days and with me leaving 3 odd weeks prior, no stone will be left unturned from now until then.

I actually looked over my training for June and worked out that I ran over 450k's for the month and swam just under 70k's also. This puts me in a good position as these were the 2 disciplines that needed attention and with having focused on those I know that with the introduction of riding back into the program consistently, I will still be heading in the direction that I want to get to.

When I look back at my running, to get the volume completed and the consistency in the legs really compliments the program that I have undertaken. This I can only thank Andrew for in preparing me for the 12 weeks of torture that will I face.

Greg has been a massive help in the pool, smashing me to pieces more often than not, however his help has been invaluable and made the progress easier and faster.

Tonight will not only be exciting, however a little scary all the same as I have been averaging around 20hrs per week at the moment without any big riding. What will the hours get to?? I have no idea, however will find out this evening.

The count down is definitely on and the phone calls will start happening sourcing training partners from around the place, not only to train with, but to feed me also :-).....I have to thank a few people for have dinner ready for me after training, it is muchly appreciated!!

After my discussion tonight, will have a whole lot more knowledge, excitement and nerves about what is forthcoming.

For Now...


Ps. A big well done to those who toughed it out at IM Korea over the weekend and a HUGE congrates to Dane for finishing 4th and booking his ticket to Kona.

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