Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look what I found...

Yes, I have finally found it.

I have changed my mindset and have got back to basics and just purely enjoyed the training. I have only been riding to date as my feet are not quite 100% yet and swimming is for the new year.

Being on the bike 4 times within the last 5 days and averaging around 80k's per ride, I am feeling great about it. Being around my mates for every session and really laughing and having fun reminded me of why I started in triathlons.

Yesterday we had 8 of us out on the road, the conversation was high and the mood was great. I has been resigned to the fact that I have well and truly completed my last run in 2011, that was a few days back and will now introduce the swim & run back into the training in 2012.

The support that I received once again exceeds my expectations and one that I can only continue to thanks everyone for. The next few weeks, once I get fitter, I will be back out there supporting everyone else.

I have even committed to riding some hills on Saturday with a few lads and I know that session will really hurt!!

Anyway, everything is back where I wanted it to be and I am really happy for it.

For now...


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