Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!!

A brief Blog to fare well 2011.

I have 1 amazing year in every way, shape and form. I plan to not only replicate this in 2012, but to raise the bar to the next level.

I started back on the bike post Christmas and have ridden 80+ k's each day to get my legs back. Today hurt in the hills with Tom, Benny, Jas, Arch & Trav, however has let me know where they are at!

I have managed 1 run this week (Boxing day) and got through 45min without hassle. I decided to have the rest off the year off (oh, I love that saying!) and start afresh in 2012.

The Swimming starts Next Year and I am looking forward to getting back into the water.

2012 is going to be BIG for me and I will reveal more when the time comes...(hehehehe tomorrow!). I have set my N.Y resolutions (very achievable) and look forward to getting those processes in place.

Once again, thanks for following my journey, supporting me and cheering me on, especially when the going has been tough as times. I hope that I have given an inside to my training/racing world and look forward to sharing it all again in the New Year.

Last For Now (in 2011)...


PS. I hope your 2011 has been wonderful, however your 2012 makes your 2011 small when you look back :)

Also, was just looking through my data for the year and is interesting to compare from the previous year.

Swim Bike Run
2010 316k's 10,296.44k's 2,227.71k's
2011 448.85k'a 9,920 k's 3,055k's

So I swam & Ran more and rode 300 odd k's less, interesting to see the gains in races due to the allocated training! I WILL keep running!

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