Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - Doing it for Mum!!

Yep, that's my motivation for 2012!

Why this year and not any other? Because this year is special, really special to me. By the time Ironman Melbourne comes around, it will be 5 yrs to they day that she passed away.

25/3/2012 is the 5th year anniversary that I have been motherless! Not only me but my brother and sister also.

The same lady that was proud of me turning my life around from being a 125kg unfit fat ratbag into a dedicated athlete who is loving life!

With this added motivation and the lost mojo that I have recently found, there will be:

I have started the year well with a pain free run (35min) and a 100k ride to date and later in the week I will commence swimming (more on that later!).

I get back on a structured program soon, however I know that the time this comes around I will be fit and ready to go.

The training has been fantastic right now, getting no less then 6 others to train with and I can assure everyone that the spirit has been amazing and the banter just as fun. Having guys travel from 100k's away and leaving at 4.30am for a 6am start just shows the company that I am with. I am loving it. When a few others get back from holidays, into the swing of it I know that there will be 10 or more for most sessions.

What more could someone want? To train with like minded athletes who not only can assist with training but create a moral that other can only wish they were apart of!! If you want to be, you can be!!

Now being the start of the year, we all make New Year Resolutions, many are unrealistic and unattainable, however mine are the opposite. They are simple and only be described as affective (if i can complete them regularly!) They are:

1. Join a swim squad. Already onto this and can't wait to get going.

2. Start doing some core work.
After the training camp last year, it was evident that there are few people around who have a strong core. This will only aid in my improvements for the year.
That is all that I have decided to do and having the drive that I have for the year, I will be happy to tick them off.

What are yours? Are they achievable? Or are you setting goals that you will be unable to tick off? If so, it is not too late to change them to give you something within reach to achieve.

I find that when you set the bar too high (out of reach) you only set yourself up for failure, lower the bar (in the short term) achieve those goals and then go get the higher bar. At the end of the day if you don't reach your goals, you have to ask yourself...why?

Or on the other hand:

And just go do it!

I am also going to change my sign off for the year as I have had the same one since I started. 2012 is the year for my Family as many amongst us have Big plans. I will have 2 more nieces or nephews just for starters! My year is going to be special and I can't wait to get it going, really going.

This one is for you mum (25/12/53 - 25/3/07)...


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