Friday, August 19, 2011

And.....the easy week is done!!

So, my recovery week has come and gone and what and interesting week it has been.

Coming back to Melbourne after being away in the sun for a good weekend has been hard as the weather has not really been good for solid training. So I am glad that I had an easy week. Just getting back into was the plan, nothing hard just consistency. Box checked.

Enter this weekend and the following 6 weeks.

Tomorrow morning sees myself, Brad, Jas and newcomer to the training group Tim V head out for a 6 hour journey around the state which should see us cover up around the 180+k for the session. This is closely followed by a short run.

Tomorrow afternoon (if I can still walk after the mornings session) sees me head to a porn show.... BIKE PORN that is...The annual bike expo in Melbourne with a few mates to salivate over the new bikes that we cannot afford, but wish we had.

I am really looking forward to Sundays run, a scenic 34km run down at Queenscliff, once again with some great mates and training partners. This run will be a first for me and I will be trialling my nutrition plan over a longer run and know that I will succeed at this also. Trial and error right now before the big dance.

Follow this up with an easy ride/swim and a 3y.o party in the afternoon and the routine just kicks back in. Training then really takes the next step, which I can't wait for. I have been pushing the body with success and without exhaustion or injury now and just love trying to push it that little bit further.

The program will really test my physical capabilities and push my mental ability to the limit as I learn more about where the line of no return really is.

After many conversations with Andrew, we both agree on the direction and commitment that I have and require for the result that I am seeking at Kona, and not just at Kona, at the following 3 Ironman races in 6 months!

The only downfall with this is that something has to give. For me it is my social life, something that I pride myself on.....The ability to train, work and party hard! I can promise that I will come back to that lifestyle soon people. And will be the pest that I am renowned for! Throw in a great race calendar for the next 12 months and I am like Big Kev "excited". A good mate of mine, Adrian Byrt from Sportsnet Holidays is going to assist me greatly in organising some of the races planned within the upcoming year. If you are after a bucket list fulfilled, contact AB, he will sure help out!

Anyway time for me to sign off, get me gear ready for the morning and prepare myself for another monster weekend of training.

For now...


Ps..... The count is down to 7 weeks til race day....Where has time gone??

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