Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Playing the mental game...

And winning!!!

I write this one as I had a massive victory today with training. Today would have been such an easy day to pass on due to having to do my training this evening indoors. I decided to up the ante on myself and test my body in tougher conditions to what I am usually training in.

As the line goes in the Bon Jovi song It's my life, "It's now or never", I decided that it is now.

With the heater on and the room temp getting up to 25% and b/t 85-90% humidity, I had a 2 1/2 hr Mag Trainer session including 3 x 20min efforts. Following this a 1hr 15min jog on the treadmill.

Now for me, purely getting one of these sessions done on its own without the added heat conditions is a win, however punching out both with the added bonus of the heat/humidity gave me a massive boost. I am mentally stronger than ever before. This is carrying over into my fitness as my sessions are easier to get started and easier to complete.

My mental strength has really improved over the last 12 months or so, previously I did take short cuts in training to get it done or leave off just a little bit as I couldn't wrap my head around it. Not this time. On the weekend, I could have cut my ride as I rode past the starting point to do an extra hour. For me, passing the starting point is always hard, I find it easier to go a little bit further out and finish where I began.

As with my swim yesterday, Greg was running late and I was ready to get out after 2.2k's. He arrived then and we got through the remaining 2.8k in the session.

So, doing an indoor session for 4hours and ticking it off exactly as program raises that mental bar just a little bit higher for me, knowing that no matter how boring/tough the session is, I am mentally capable of getting through it.

One thing that I am sooooo happy about tonight Mag Trainer session is that the next time I ride my bike, it should be in perfect conditions in Yeppoon.

I have looked over the field and am looking forward to the battle that lies in front of me. Being the researcher of competitors that I am, I am well aware that it is going to be a cracking race on Sunday. I will do a brief report later on as I will have plenty of time up my sleave when I get there.

One thing that I know for sure about this year compared to last is that Benny and myself WILL NOT be going out 2 nights before the race for a monster session on the beers. It is the pointy end of my preparation and I am willing to sacrifice a few cold frothies in the perfect conditions at this time.

For now....it is dinner and relaxation time


PS. I started my session at 88kgs and finished at 87.2kgs...Thinking that I might be getting my nutrition/hydration plan working well.

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