Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just keep dishing it up like that!!

Before I start this blog, I have no idea where I get some the headings from....Sometimes they surprise me with how bad they are...but you'll have to bear with me, that's the best I have!!

Another week done and dusted, another week closer and best of all, another really positive and successful week for me.

Another 23hours in the training bank, another great ride in the hills yesterday with ol' mate Jas, followed by a cracking run this morning with swims both days!

My riding legs are back, well and truly, I am climbing better than before (it is the new nutrition?) and the speed and strength is back where I like it.

The running is still going left leg, right leg and so on and the swimming is still making improvements. Although every time that I hit the pool, I feel like I have a new toy to try out. Today it was fins. After chatting to a great swim coach yesterday and explaining my training, he suggested doing some fin work to aid with my kicking and also to help with staying with the stronger swimmers that I am training with.

That was evident today with getting pounded from 50 to 50 by James Kuyper. I don't put much into the times that I swim with the fins on so that is irrelevant, however this kid can swim. It was not a long session but 15 x 100m later it was done. Quality and with a few great tips from James it was a really beneficial session.

With choosing to swim with Greg & James, I just know that my form and speed and on the improve and I look forward to the results next weekend.

Running is just going great. I am loving every kilometre of it and with the great company that I am enjoying, it is absolutely no hassle at all, as a matter of fact, it is the discipline that I am most enjoying right now. (Did I really just type that? Might be really tired from a monster weekend, surely that's not true) After all Kona is a runners course!!

The last 14months mainly focusing on my run is certainly working nicely and with the big weight loss (5kgs lighter than my last Ironman) it is so much easier. The body is recovering really well from it also.

Next weekend will be a great race for me (in seeing how I am going) and with the field in my a/g having no less than 5 Hawaii Qualifiers along with a few 1/2 Ironman specialist it is going to be a awesome trip. I will post more on that over the next few days.

For now, it is feet up and rest!


PS..My weight is down to a skinny 87kgs!!

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