Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life Balance

So, I write this blog early on Saturday morning where in many cases I would be out training. I have decided to stay in today as it is the last full day that I will have with my kids for a little while. They have been over from Adelaide since last weekend and I have had an amazing time with them.

Getting used to near teenage fashion has been a reality check. Does indicate that I am getting "old" or just have no idea about the fashion??

Like with everything in my life, me support network is amazing, having Dad, Naomi and the kids grandmother to assist during the week whilst I worked was wonderful. I put my training on hold for a lot of the week unless one or both of the kids wanted to join me.

A lot would say that if I hadn't already qualified for Kona this wouldn't be the case. That is just
crap. Before Melbourne I went to Perth for a mates wedding and had 4 days off with no training at all around the same time before that race.

The below 3 pictures sum up my life, however in the first one, career is replaced by training. The middle one just indicates how even my life balance is and the last one replicates people looking for it, not quite clam, not sure what to do.

Which one are you?

I don't think that there is any secret is what I do, just pure enjoyment, just knowing when I need to go hard in training and when the balance needs to be the even.

Does it mean that I have different goals moving forward??

My goals haven't changed nor will they, I just know that with the mindset that I have developed since Kona, everything is in perspective and if I maintain a consistent, even life balance, the results will still come my way.

Next weekend, I fly to Adelaide to become a God Father once again. The honour of this once again out weighs training. Now, I don't know if my mates are starving for friends or I am just the best of a bad bunch, but I will take and accept the honour either way!!

Another amazing thing that is happening for me is getting messages like the one below:

Tell ya what mate you talk about motivation... I'm in the best pace right now than I have been for over 10 years now.. It's been 4 weeks and 1 day on straight and narrow... Finally have some serious goals in sight and making awesome progress and truth be known a majority of my motivation has been from following your posts.... Without sounding corny mate you have made me realise how confidence and strong will can take you anywhere.. You've done amazing things in the last 10 years

Really helping my find the motivation to kick the old ways and start finding myself again... Cheers Xman

This from a guy that I met many years ago and we were on the same path, I just changed paths and started to set goals. To read this message brought tears to my eyes and to realise that I am impacting on some great mates and helping them achieve small goals is just fantastic. The message then proceeded like this:


thanks mate really appreciate it, I have found myself also and decide to have a really good crack at this as I found myself going no where a change of direction and wrote a few goals down and worked out a way to start ticking them off. nothing to big to start with, just found my feet and as it all rolled on, the goals just keep getting bigger!


No mate seriously Thankyou was a massive kick in ass seeing what you have achieved and how stagnant I still was your a champion big man keep up the great work

  • I am not going to name him as the hardest part to changing is realising. Then once you have realised, you have to put plans in place to change, for this guy, who is an out & out superstar to realise, accept and change is so pleasing!

  • I have also received other messages from mates that I didn't think would come my way, but just shows with the right attitude you can help others without even knowing. This is not my driving force but is a great motivator.

  • For now...

  • X-Man

  • PS, no idea why my font goes all funny at times!! I have never been one on presentation, more just the content!

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