Monday, April 9, 2012

Recovery Over, Time to start training!

After all I have an Ironman to get fit for!

In the last few weeks of recovery and now just starting to get the body kick started I have heard so many comments about me backing up for Ironman Australia in 4 weeks!

Comments like,"You are crazy", "Why are you doing this, you have already qualified?" and many others along this line.

Don't get me wrong, I have received just as much support (well I think it is support) as what I have received negative comments about me backing up to race.

What I say to people is that if you knew my build to Ironman Melbourne, like "really" knew it you would understand why I am making this decision. I do know 1 thing for sure, it is going to be fun. The build, the weekend away with mates that I love being around (bromance at its best) and the fact that once again I enter the unknown for me. Doing 2 Ironman races in 6 weeks!

I have seen many people do it in the past, backing up from Kona to WA and having great results and that is off the back of a perfect build, 16+ weeks of solid training and focus. For me I didn't have that, I have suffered from and managed Plantar fasciitis since not long after Hawaii and had to deal the best I could with it.

Not being able to walk at times due to the pain, having days off training for the same reason and the motivation absolutely destroyed. (Many would remember those posts) I actually just flicked back through them and realised low my motivation was, how much the injury affected me.

So with all this in mind, I want to have a really solid 3weeks, head to Ironman Australia and have another cracking race. Having the weekend with the boys who I did my first Ironman with is going to be special for me also. Not the most flattering photo, but the memories of that still last a life time!

To have the opportunity to do it over, is exciting....The 3 of us are all still going along our journey and have different stories to tell, however to experience the finish of my 1st Ironman with Benny & Ronnie is still fresh. Throw in a few 1st time travelling buddies and I am....

Yep that's right excited to race in this race... To see what I can produce after a short time, but most of all to see a few more of my athletes complete their first Ironman race.

All the factors above give me the drive to be in good shape for the race and to tick off another goal. I want to win my Age Group. I am not going there for any other reason. I am not going to just go around, I am going there to succeed.

Going so close in Melbourne was amazing, but this time I am playing to win.

Now, coming from Victoria, I thought that the above clip was more than appropriate! Seeing old VFL footy at its toughest reminds me of some of the hurt in Ironman racing...I now know how far I can push my body, how hard I can go and still go on. And this race is going to be no different!

After being so excited to finish 2nd at Melbourne I discovered a desire to win my age group. These races are so competitive and only 1 person gets the honour of being the winner. I want that! I have experienced a few feelings like it, however I train for Ironman and want the feeling in Ironman.

To achieve it, everything has to go right on race day, everything has to go right in training, the 1% things count. That's what the next 4 weeks are going to be about.....the 1% er's, the small things that others don't think about, that get disregarded along the way. That is going to be the difference.

On that note, it is time to get out there and get this show on the road!

For Now...


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