Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 18: Holiday Location closed, Race Village Open

WOW, what a transformation.

Two days ago Kona was still a holiday location, not many athletes noticeable around the streets. You still saw a few out on the Queen K riding or near the Energy Lab running or at the pool swimming, but no where as much around the streets. With the majority of athletes and supporters arriving in the last few days the whole town is starting to transform.

Shops are being transformed from clothing shops to Ironman shops. Cafe's are now putting up signs welcoming Ironman Athletes. The town is really starting to get a real "buzz" about it. It will give me an opportunity to take some more photos and post them. I might even be able to do some before and after shots.

I am a little later with this blog than normal as I have already done my session for today, so I will recap on the previous day and a bit.

Yesterday started with an easy 60min ride, nothing to report, legs felt great after the previous day and especially after the treatment in the afternoon.

My normal breakfast of eggs on toast followed by a very relaxed day. The afternoon was a 60min run with a build at the end of it. It started off as a little bit of a struggle, however as the session got going, so did my legs. The last part of the run I was really happy with getting my pace well under the 4min k pace. (This is what the pro's will run for the entire marathon after the bike and I am happy doing this relatively fresh for 2-3k's!) It really gives you a great understanding of how fast the best of the best really are. (I would post the session, however my garmin is having a few issues transferring the data!)

A small swim once again followed and dinner watching the sunset was a perfect way to end the evening. I tried the Rocket Swim skin on and it fit like a glove, just with my "massive" guns it was a little tight around the shoulder/lat region. I am hoping to get this sorted before race day also.

Seeing Billy after the swim was a great relief as it meant that they had arrived safely, albeit him looking a little weary!

I have taken a few more photos and due to some technical issues, cannot post them. Once I sort this out I will add to the blog.

This morning was my first look at the entire course, it is amazing. The pier was full of people unlike previous days and there was even an "Ironman" Marquee handing out drinks for the athletes. Totally different to the quiet scenes of previous. Catching up with Brad Bullock and Matty Burton was great as it gave me people to swim with for the entire course. After starting the swim and having no wall after 25 or 50m metres sometimes you forget how far 2k is in one direction. Swimming on a pool doing 5+ km sets is so different to swimming 2k in the one direction. Took a while to get used to.

The fish were amazing to look at from start to finish and the amount of swimmers out there was also very cool. A little technical issue with my suit meant I had to remove it for the swim home. Stuffing it down my bathers definitely added some extra drag for the swim back to the pier, however with the scenery out there, staying out for a few extra minutes is sometimes more of a pleasure opposed to hindrance.

The rest of the day entails trying to sort out the technical issues followed by a massage later this afternoon. Following that will be shacking up at a local watching Geelong v Collingwood in the AFL grand final. Hoping that Geelong take the chocolates!! GO CATS!!

The weather is amazing again today. This is the best way to describe it:

When it is bad, it is still good.
When it is good, it is great.
When it is great, it is perfect.

I am loving this life!

For now...


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