Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tomorrow is Game Day!!


Time has gone so fast. Not long ago it felt like I was celebrating qualifying for this race.

Tomorrow is the day that I have been training for since. I am not going to blog long tonight.

A few interesting points about this race for me:

I am not as nervous as previous races, I have nothing to prove/gain or qualify for here. My goal is too have a solid race and enjoy the outcome whatever it may be. I want to go 9hrs ***mins and this will fulfill my goal. Obviously the lower the *** number the better, however a 9 as the hour is the plan.

I have been smashed on a few rides whilst I have been here and know that things can turn ugly at any stage, so I don't have any expectations what so ever.

I am really appreciating what I have achieved by getting here and am going to make sure that I enjoy the entire day from bike set up to race finish....and BEYOND ;-).

The way you are treated here leaves races at home for dead. No one judges you, it is all about respect as everyone with a competitors band on has earned the right to be here....All hand picked.

I cannot say enough that I have really enjoyed and appreciated the support that I have received form back home and also over here and will do my best to do you all proud!!

I am signing off now as full as a boot from carb loading (one thing that I dislike about racing IM) and next time you here from me I will have finished the HAWAIIAN IRONMAN. I have rehearsed my finish line celebration and my goal is to try and get on the finish video. (Some of you might have witnessed it at Busso 2010)

For now...


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