Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 25: 2 sleeps to go

So, with 2 sleeps to go, the welcome banquet is here. This signals the official opening of the Ironman.

Paul arrived today which was great to see him. The day consisted of nothing. The traditional rest day 2 days before the big event.

I had a few visitors throughout the day which was good and enjoyed the day of feet up.

We wondered down to the Bike expo on the way to the Welcome Dinner and there was some amazing bling there. I forgot to take my camera to take a pic of the new Shiv, but WOW. Internal drink bladder system amongst many other features!

The other amazing thing here is the bodies of both the guys & girls. The Europeans make us Aussies look very unfit and second rate. It is a real opener, especially seeing the wee!

At the banquet dinner, Fos (aka Dad) told Paul that it doesn't rain here in Kona, with those words of wisdom, it caused the dinner to be washed out and the rain hasn't stopped since. It could make for an interesting day as with this rain, there is no wind and it is really cool outside. I wouldn't imagine that it will hang around for another night & day, but you never know. The only thing that I can tell that is when the sun comes out (if it does) it is going to be really really humid out there. Time will tell later.

I have a few small sessions this morning before I go and check my bike and gear in.

My Race Number is:

For now...


Ps.....Paul decided to Model my race kit for me.....He almost looks like he could be an athlete!!

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