Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back to reality!

And....not really liking it!

After a wonderful 5 weeks of my life capped off by a race that I will never forget, it was time to get my life back to normality. This included finding my work attire, heading into the office, having meetings and trying to catch up on 5 weeks of absence.

Catching up with mates has been great and also hearing about how they have done at various events over the last few weeks. To see a few break 3hrs in the Melbourne Marathon was great to hear and also to hear how the guys that I am coaching perform better than expected at the same race also put a smile on my face.

Like with anything, the more time you are away, the more you need to do to catch up. Organising work appointments, athlete appointments, social catch ups along with starting to ball rolling again with my training has to all fit in there somehow.

Throw in planning a training camp, my upcoming race schedule and a few other things, the remaining part of the year will be over before I know it.

One thing that I did learn after my previous Ironman is although it is great to socialize and be merry, however the weight you gain is very hard to lose. Last time I had 5 weeks of absolutely nothing apart from great food, beer & company. This time I am going to mix social training in amongst the other two and just have fun.

Catching up with the "usual suspects" over the next few days and hearing how they have been going will be my highlight and I am hoping to be able to see everyone very soon.

Once again I can only thank everyone for their support and I look forward to more to come in the future.

For now...


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