Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 19: Regular Update.......GO CATS!!

Further to my previous post, here is an example of what has been erected over the last few days.

Signs like this start to give me the realization that I am "part of this". (No not the Billfish Tournament!!)

The rocket swim skin was very comfortable and I am really looking forward to wearing it come race day.

The rest of yesterday resulted in a very relaxing day and the massage felt like I was getting "man handled" by Sean from I am usually on the receiving end of a female massage, however to have a male massage was a total new experience. Throw in the fact that I have no pain tolerance whatsoever, it was exactly what I needed. He not only massaged, but also stretched my limbs.

I feel a million dollars from this and am looking forward to what is in store today. My last long run, followed by a swim then an easy spin later this afternoon.

The highlight of my day will be seeing my "support crew" arrive and am looking forward to catching up with them.

The highlight of yesterday was sitting was the AFL GF live with a group of Aussies and watching the Cats take home the chocolates. GO CATS!!! WE ARE GEELONG!!

The TT helmet will get a run in tomorrows ride to make sure that I will not overheat in these conditions. I have been in my road helmet of late and am interested to see how the TT feels.

Not much of a blog today, will have more to report later on today....hopefully.

For now...


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