Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 20: The Family arrives!!

There is only one more of my support crew to go, my bast mate Paul. The family arrived yesterday (Well part of) and I was rather relieved to see them here in one piece and looking rather fresh (at that time).

Dad, not being a seasoned traveller like myself tends to stress a little bit when things don't go exactly the way it is planned. So when I heard that there were flights delays from home, I was hoping that the salty coloured hair didn't start to disappear also. Was good to see them here and I am looking forward to hearing that customary "whistle" come race day!

Nath was sporting his Geelong "get up" in honour of the Cats winning the Grand Final and Eb was already fitting in, wearing beach attire. The most noticeable thing about the 3 were the tan that they had. Not your traditional tan, but the "Moon Tan". I had to wear my sunnies to talk to them as the glare from the skin was hurting my eyes!! :-)

Yesterday I got through my last long run, 1hr 45min including a 1hr effort. The morning was hot and I was really happy with how the body reacted to the nutrition and the heat along with the effort. Just another boxed ticked and a small boost in confidence also.

The town is so overly populated with athletes now and it is great to start seeing familiar faces from back home turn up in one piece looking really fit and rearing to go.

I opted out of my easy ride in the afternoon as the heavens opened up and the amount of traffic on the roads and the fact that a cyclist got collected by a car right out the front of where I am staying. I did my afternoon swim and no matter the weather, the swimming is so beautiful every time.

An early night followed soon after dinner and I had to send Fos (dad) on his way as he was about to punch out a few "pa's" (family term for the sound dad makes when he falls asleep in his chair most weekend afternoons!).

Today is the final longish ride before everything shuts down and taper really kicks in. The bike will get special attention after this ride with some new additions going to be added and with my bike mechanic (dad) now on board, I know that my stead will be shining and looking the part come race day.

On that note, the ride is not going to be done by me typing this blog.

For now...


PS.. With the town starting to look like a massive expo, many more pictures will be added and especially with Eb & Nath already playing the tourist card. Some might not make any sense, however there will be many added!!

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