Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 21: Time for feet up

After finishing my last long session, a 3hr ride followed by a little run, everything is officially done.

Time to put the feet up and treat myself like a Stallion preparing for the Melbourne Cup.

Nothing but the best food, best treatment and best recovery this week. Not quite wrapping myself in cotton wool, however not far from it.

The ride yesterday was great, found my legs and was really happy out there. Seeing a few pro's motor pacing was a great sight as I saw no less then 5 of them doing this, including a few big Aussies. One ex-orbea rider now on the new Specialised Shiv!! That is a fair bit of talk about the town now. It is all over twitter also. BIG BIG news!

My run was a little sluggish for the first part, however a 30min run gave me nothing to worry about.

The town is fully abuzz right now and everyone has switched from tourist to game faced poker player. The "hello's" (in what ever lingo) have ceased and everyone is worried about there own little bubble. I find this very amusing as not only am I here to have a great race, but also to have a GREAT time pre-race, during the race and most importantly post race!!

The plan is too stay off my feet as much as possible and to also stay inside also. This will aid me race day as with 2 massages planned this week, my legs will be ready to go Race day.

A few final touches will be finished this week on my Rocket Swim Skin and my Stead. These are minor things that will aid my performance race day and are rather enjoyable to do (Especially with the Fos here now!!) I must add, that is great having great support come race day and I know that there will be many people out there yelling for me, along with many more back home yelling at a number on the computer screen.

My race number for the race is #1560 and the race can be followed on ironmanlive. I will put down some instructions on how to do this for those "newbies" that will be following. I really appreciate your interest and support, I really cannot say that enough.

Along with the body starting to rest and refresh, it is time for the mind to start asking those dreaded questions, the inevitable ones that you can't control. Ones that even the Worlds Best ask themselves. Having nerves is a good thing, however in my case, as a few mates have already reminded me, my nerves come race day get taken to a new level. For those that know and have experienced seeing me on race morning having my traditional vomit, I think this race might just be a little worse!! For those who haven't seen it yet, there are plenty of races coming up back home where you might get the privilege!! (If you are unlucky enough!!)

Anyway, it is time for me to "kit" up in my Rocket Gear and head down for a swim to give my final test of the swim skin.

Then a walk around the expo to see some really cool gear before I go into lock down.

For now...


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