Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 11... Well deserved rest.

Today was a rest day, well kind of!

If you call a double swim and a run a rest day, it was just that.

This morning started with a magnificent open water swim that saw us swim around 3.8k according to Greg's garmin and the route we took.

An easy run followed which was great, legs felt fine and with the knowledge of a massage following I knew that I could just get out and enjoy what was in front of me.

Having a deep tissue massage really felt great and has given me some good confidence of a really solid hit out tomorrow.  Hoping to get one back on the Queen.

This afternoon was an easy 2200 in the pool, continuing with my paddle work.  This is making me feel so much stronger and is transferring into the open water sessions.  Just hoping that it will help me swim faster than a 1hr 4min on race day, well that's the plan.

An early night tonight is in order before I head out tomorrow for redemption, both with my poor last showing and for confidence moving forward.  Although it would be great if it happened, I am not too concerned if it doesn't as it just reminds me of last year, that is enough to keep me motivated to get the task done!

As for now...Dinner and sleep.


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