Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 3: The Queen K is still King..

Today was my first venture this trip out on the Queen K, and didn't she throw up a real mixed bag.

From scorching hot heat (as I remember) to crazy winds (as I also remember) to patches of rain and a cool breeze (that I don't recall) it reminded me of a normal Melbourne day...4 seasons in 1 day.
The Queen K, long and undulating for 60k. Also Hot & Windy!

The Ocean View, is very scenic, gives some clues about the ride also!

The Lava view, not so scenic!

The end of the Queen K, 19mile to Hawi or 30k.  Did I say this was a climb?
This followed on from a hot run late yesterday and a pool swim.  The week is suiting me perfect, just getting my body used to the different climate again, the different conditions and the unknown.  The unknown on how the conditions are going to be in town vs out on the Queen K.

A long sleep in this morning is what I needed and an awesome massage from Sean.  I met him last year and found great success with him for the entire 4 week period I was here for, this year, I am utilizing him and his wife Shoko to the full extend keeping my body A1.

This afternoon's run was really different, the weather was really, very little humidity.  It was nice to tick another box with an easy training session.  Tomorrow is nothing exciting, a double swim day and feet up before the training kicks into gear next week.

Old Mate, Adam Kelsall who does a bit of work for has set me a few little tasks whilst I am here and the first one will be completed tomorrow.  It is more to give everyone an insight to a different aspect of the course from an a/g perspective..... I hope that's all it is!!

Anyway for now, I am off for dinner.


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