Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 9..Lucky to be here...

Out riding with Greg yesterday and seeing his excitement for being out on the Queen K for the very first time, got us talking.

Greg was saying that it was a dream come true as he was finally riding the Queen K like all the legends had before him.  He rattled off names such as Coppock (just kidding) Macca, Crowie, Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Chrissie and a few others.

His next comment really surprised the extent that I felt obligated to write this down and share it with many of you.

The comment went as follow, "I can't believe that I am here, I am so lucky to be out here riding the Queen K."

I was quiet shocked by this, as not once have I ever thought that I was lucky to be here, I had earned the right and have done the hard yards through summer, winter and every day between!

Let me introduce Gregory Farrell.

Seen below on the right, that is your truly on the left.

Greg & I enjoying the first few days of his arrival.

 I first met Gregory once I changed coaches 2 1/2 years ago and started with Andrew Sinclair.  I had known very little about him, just that he was a quality athlete.  Fast forward 12months and I found myself training with Greg quite often.

I never really knew how to take him, and sometimes still don't.  He asks many questions to further his knowledge and to get the best form himself, something that I admire.  Sometimes he makes comments that makes me wonder if he is taking the mickey out of me, but he is just curious to why, why, how and when.

I look at Gregory and see a man who delivers.  We had a conversation at run squad a few weeks ago when Benny, Greg and I were just chatting.  His comment of, "I don't want to be remembered as someone who can only perform on the big stage."  Once again I was in shock by this comment.

My initial response of, "Are you kidding?" was received with a giggle and "What do you mean?"

I repeated his comment and then decided to bring up some of his most recent performances of a 8hr 48min Ironman Melbourne inc running a 3hr marathon, a sub 4hr Long Course race at Geelong just prior to that.  A 9hr 12min Ironman Arizona to qualify for Hawaii among a few others.

I followed this up with many people would like to perform just once in their racing career and you are worried about only performing on the big stage....  The conversation went a little further and about racing etc.

This brings me to my title and the main reason for this blog.  "Lucky to be here"

After Greg made this statement, I all but couldn't help myself to repeat the previous conversation about why he is here.... And it has nothing to do with luck!  You can create your own luck, but he just does the right things.

I then went on to rattle off a few ways that you can be lucky to be here:

Roll Down spot.

Roll Down spot 5 places

Qualifying at a 70.3 Race

Getting a Roll down at a 70.3 Race

Gaining a legacy lottery spot (having done 12 Ironmans)

Gaining a lottery spot.

The above is lucky!  I don't begrudge anyone who qualifies from the above, as I know people who have filled every quota, just more relates to Greg's comment about being lucky!

Doing what he does and how Greg goes about it,  I can only purely respect and admire.

To me he is Mr T's & I's.

I know that he struggles at times with fatigued, as we all do.  The difference is that you don't here him complain, he just does it.  He doesn't change up things when the going gets tough, he just gets it done.

I have been giving him some info about the course and how to approach it and I know that he is absorbing it all like a sponge.

I am also looking forward to seeing Greg laying down what he has on Ali'i Drive and the Queen K, is going to be exciting stuff.

If you see him and ask him his goals, he has a simple answer of, " I just want a result that reflects the amount of work I have put in." Pure Class!

So, Greg, it is a pleasure to be here with you on your first (of many) trips to the Big Island and I look forward to going to war with you!


On a more irrelevant topic and due to some requests, I thought that I would post a few pictures of the scenery here. 

Yes it is tough, but some of us have to do it!

This is Ali'i Drive, not far form the finish.  Will look totally different in a few weeks.

The rest of my day was an enjoyable open water swim, another 3ks, including some high intensity, the water was choppy and only had 1 spew in there, which takes my spew count to 2 in the ocean, both in the afternoon!  My total was just over 7km for the day.   My 2nd easy run for the day went really well, legs are feeling better and better.  Did some course specific training and am gaining more and more confidence every day.

Tomorrow, a monster session is in order, long ride, then hard efforts at the end of it, followed by a solid run.  The goal is to be able to back up in the afternoon and complete those sessions.  It will be tough, and will take a lot out of me, however nothing is easy here in Kalua-Kona, nor should it be.

As the saying goes....

If it was easy......everyone would do it.

For Now...


Also, I am an on the ground reporter for Ross Burrage and will have updates on different areas there.  I am trying to give a different angle about the race from an age groupers level.

They are setting me tasks to complete and getting my insight to them, so stay tuned there!

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