Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 13....Massive Gains

After a Big day on Saturday being a long ride and a double run, I never expected much from the long run Sunday.

The plan was to run to the Energy Lab and return and a little further if time permitted.

I made sure that I topped up calories last form the Saturday with a big dinner.  A great night sleep and woke up ready to go.

My legs were fatigued and I had a weird sensation, they were just dead.

Heading out to the Energy Lab, with the sun beating down, it was hot.  Something about the Kona sun and the Queen K, no matter the time of day, it is just hot!  No shade, no where to hide, it is just straight running under the direct sunlight.

Was feeling good on the way out and topped up the bottles at the 1/2 way mark, plus taking in some extra fluid.  Another part of running the Queen, there is no where to refill, so you have to be prepared.

On the return trip, I could start to feel Saturday's training come into play, my legs started to get heavier and heavier.  I started to pray that the lights would change, just to give me a little rest.  But true to form they would turn back green just as I got close.

Getting within 30min of home was a good feeling knowing that I had conquered my first long run on the Island.  Once I got within reach the rest was always going to be comfortable.

The legs were really thankful once I stopped and I knew that I had just finished off a cracking weekend, the rest of the day was a walk in the park!!  An easy spin and a short splash.  Job done, weekend a success and many a great k in the legs. 

Monday being an easy day with a double swim and a massage means that I will be ready to hit Tuesdays session fresh and rearing to go.

A tough week and a bit ahead and plenty to gain before I go into lock down for my 2nd crack at Kona!

I am not looking too far in advance as I know that I have many a hour to be spent out the Queen K, Ali'i Drive and Digme Beach.  All I can say is that I am really enjoying myself and getting benefits from every session whether the result be good, bad or indifferent.

For Now...


PS.  Will post another blog this afternoon including a few pics and even meeting a bit of an idol to me!

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