Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 18 & 19.... Double Dose

Wow, it has been a solid few days, just with everything going on.  Am really looking forward to some great sleep tonight!!

Let's rewind to yesterday.

Did a 2k swim in the ocean, the water has been really swelly of late, not much chop in it, just some big swell, the surfers have been having a great time.  We have just been waiting for one of them to end up on the rocks as they surf really close.... Will get a pic of this!

Also met Leeanda Cave and Siri Lindley, both so willing to have a brief chat and have a photo with me.  The one with Siri, was 6am, both looking like we got dragged out of bed... I know that I did!!

After the swim, headed out for a cruisey 45min run.  Headed out around 9am and with the sun blaring, it was once again hot.   After this was done, concentrated on getting refueled and hydrated.  Swimming in the ocean under the sun is fantastic, however sometimes you just forget how much it takes out of you, even for a short time.

Carla arrived mid morning which was great, been a long 3 weeks with limited talk time due to the early nights that I have been having.

Headed for a massage straight after, then out for lunch.

The plan was to get out on the bike, however just wasn't really up to it, so listened to my body and focused on a bit more recovery for the next days sessions.  It was a 1hr easy ride.

The Australian Rules Football was on during the evening, so we organised a BBQ to watch it with some other Australians over here to race.  And yes I would be lying if I said that I didn't have any beers!! Just a couple and although I thought it was a scrappy type of affair, was still good to watch due to the closeness of it.

Below is a great photo of Carla on the cruiser in the sunset... And below that Big Boy and myself doing what we are doing best here.... Drinking coffee!!

So after a latish night, today was pretty full on.

Another ocean swim, seeing Craig "Crowie" Alexander here was great, Greg almost wet himself and when Craig said, "Hi Greg, how are you?" Well I haven't stopped hearing that all day... "He remembered my name!"

Another 2k in the ocean, feeling pretty good out there, the swell is still there and the water very murky, not really good for sighting fish.  From there straight home for a bite to eat and then out on the bike for a few hours.  We rolled out easy to Waikaloa and return, 80k round trip, nothing exciting.  We were very conscience of not doing too much knowing the next 2 days are the most important and our last BIG training days.  Getting back in about 2hrs 30min was sweet.  I had some good patches and bad patched, my legs took ages to get going and as I stated above, swimming in open water takes a bit more out of you than you think.

A puncture was the downside of the ride, however a quick change, spare on and off I went again!

Seeing a lot of the big named pro's out on the Queen K meant that it is getting closer every day.  Mirinda Carfrae, Dirk Boekel, Caroline Steffan & Marino just to name a few.

Back to the room to pack up and get ready to move accommodation made things pretty tight and flat out today.  Having the majority packed, I headed off to the pool with the aim of getting a minimum 2000 yds in.

As we (Big Boy) and myself were getting in, Rebekah Keat was punching out lap after lap, and before we knew it, Luke McKenzie & Craig Alexander jumped in.  Must have something right doing similar sessions (albeit slower) as the world's best.. Tick!

500 w/up mixed

6 x 200 paddles/buoy on 3min cycle coming in under the 2min 30.  This was unintentional however just got comfortable and went with the flow.  The arms felt great and am still seeing improvements in the water!

Then 5 x 100 on the 1.30 cycle with paddles/buoy coming in on the 1.15 again.  My arms were feeling comfortable with this and was quite happy to have that session done and feeling great at the end of it!

Back to the room, quick shift to new location, then out for a mid length run with some high intensity.  I really couldn't be bothered with this, however I do know the hardest thing is just getting out the door.  Running gear on and out I went.

Catching up with Greg and "trying" to hold onto him made me see my speed at the low 3.40's for a bit and then low 3.50's for the remainder.  A solid 40min in the legs in the run.  Happy Days, and Day done!

Tomorrow's session has not yet been decided as when I checked my spare tyre, flat :(  I have other tyres, but not glued yet.  The magic can of Pitstop or 2 has been put to the test tonight.  Tyres stay inflated = 6hrs on the bike, tyres flat = 3hrs running, unsure which will hurt more tomorrow! 

I am more interested to see if the tyres stay inflated over night.

Only a few BIG days to go and then some mid sessions before Taper week.

For Now.... Shut eye.


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