Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 20... Last long ride.


After the issues yesterday with the tyres, I went to bed with the uncertainty of what my session would be.  The ride or the run.

I had a terrible nights sleep, I think that without the certainty, I was just restless.

Waking at 4.45am to go to the toilet, my first thought was to check the tyre.  Was still inflated... Was rather disappointed by this as it meant that I had to leave at 6.30am instead of 9am.

Alarm sounding at 5.45am, takes me a while to get going, having a coffee and breakfast and then set about loading my bike for the ride ahead.

All loaded and ready to go, fingers crossed that it would stay inflated for the journey.  The session set and the legs heavy...interesting would this one play out?  What was the weather going to be?

Onto the Queen K, it felt like a little while before I got going.  Before I knew it, I just got comfortable and off I went.  Nothing intense, just finding a rhythm.

Greg was a little bit behind me, so we decided just to meet at Kawaihea.  I got there filled up and took off, Greg was soon with me.

The climb to Hawi was as expected, I have started to really put a bike plan in place and was using today's ride to see how to execute it.

Greg stopped at Hawi to refuel and I rode onto the next town, turned and met up with him for the return trip.  Back onto the Queen K and back into a comfortable tempo picking at the course with different strategies.

Getting back in Kalua-Kona and doing the 180k in 5hr 15min was a great sign as I was just comfortable for the entire ride and being the 3rd time in 8 days that I have ridden the course.  The k count on the bike in this time is just under the 800k mark... A lot of time on the Queen K!!

With a short run off the bike and day done!

That wraps up my long riding, with just a few mid lengths rides to go now.  This week is a good run week before the shops shuts and I go into lock down.  Not long now!

For now...


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