Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 26... Well that's a wrap!!

Ah, Taper.  Finally!!

Well, I shouldn't really say that, as I have loved the training camp/ race preparation that I have had since landing here 1 month ago.  Time just flies.

I could easily continue to go along this path of training, however the reason that I am here is now less then 1 week away.

Time to shut up shop.

I woke with sore legs, I think that they already had taper going on.  But little did they realise that there was 1 more solid day to go before the cotton wool comes out.

A ride out to Kawaihae and return was first up with some cracking race paced efforts.  I have still been working the course, and targeting different sections every ride.  Hoping to put it all together on race day.  I am still amazed by a few things and have never stopped learning on every ride.  If you want to be a student here, the Queen K can teach you so much.

All you have to do is pay attention and absorb it.

The weather was quite pleasant, as the trend for the last few days.  I am hoping for a hot race day though.  I was happy with how it all went, but I am still a bit disappointed in the complacency I showed at the turn around.  I "thought" that I could get back on what hydration was left on my bike, so I only got 2 cans of coke.

I should have fully checked my bike to see if I needed any water.  This would have saved me from running out 30 odd k's from home.  I guess having a cooler day meant that no damage was done.

Lucky one there.

Off to the pool just after lunch for a short sharp hit out.

400 w/up
10 x 25 max on 45sec cycle, coming in on the 15
200 easy
10 x 25 max on 45 sec cycle, coming on the 15
200 c/d

Nice short and sharp and feeling ok.

The last session for the preparation was a 1hr 20min run with 50min at above race pace.  Hmmmm Not looking forward to this one.

Andrew asked me to go late in the day to stay out of the heat.  So I headed out at 4.30pm.  Once again I got Carla to be my pacer.

The plan was to warm up for 15min minutes and then run 4min k pace for the first 20min and then pick it up for the last five.  Easy 5min b/t and repeat.

All I can say it that it was a tough tough session and I was happy to see the back of it.

I managed to hold low 4's (4.00 - 4.07) for the trip out and got down to 3.57 for my last k.  The return was a little different as I asked Carla to go up the road and not directly pace me.  Come next week on the return from the energy lab, I will be solo running and needed to be in a good head space hurting getting back to Palani.  I did hurt, but I loved it.

My paces were a little slower, but was holding b/t (4.09 - 4.13) depending on the terrain also.

Finishing up I was soaking with sweat, but happy to have banked that session.  Getting this session done was another big confidence booster.  Now I just have get a running race pace and hope that I run the gauntlet and not cross the line.

The purpose for the rest of the night was to refuel and rehydrate.  Easy done!

Just to start getting into the mood, I will start posting Videos of previous Ironmans.

Here is the first one:

For Now.... Feet up & rest and ready for my massage today!


Ps.  Don't forget to check out http://rossburrage.com for other updates an insights to my Kona Experience.

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