Monday, October 29, 2012

2 weeks on...

So, after 2 weeks post Kona, I thought that I would give an update.

I had a great week off in Honolulu getting some well earned rest & recovery and catching up with everyone that came across to support.

Since being back in Australia, since have been going well.  I have sorted out some races (stopping me from getting fat) and also to try to capitalize on the fitness I gained from the Kona preparation.

People keep asking if I have recovered.  My answer has been, not quite, however when you walk a big portion of the marathon, it doesn't take too much out of the body, so you can get going again.....Albeit slowly.

So that is what the plan has been.  The first week was just getting the body going, 1 session per day is all that my body would allow and all that I wanted to do.

My mind and motivation is high, but I was never going to push it hard getting back into it.

A couple of rides, a few run and a swim was what I got through.  I have been a little crook from the change in weather, however the body was feeling good in general.

The highlight of the week was getting back with the "usual suspects" on the training track and having a good laugh.  The legs struggled a bit on the bike but felt really good and strong on the run.

The plan this week is just to maintain the body in the lead up to Murray Man.  Heading over to Adelaide this weekend to "attempt" to defend the race that I won last year.

I have entered the "open" category this year and it will be the first time that I am racing "open".  Last year I raced a/g and managed to have the fastest time of the day, this year will be different.  The field is stronger with Matty White racing and with a bigger "open" field along with some really good a/ger's it is going to be a big ask to be up the front.  Also, Kev Ferguson, who last year was coming off Shepparton 70.3 will be determined to turn the tables on me this year, will be a great race.

I enjoyed this race last year and am looking forward to having another crack at it.  The weather looks like it is going to be warm, which I am looking forward to and the race plan will be just to go as hard for as long as I can and see what the result will be.  I know I have a whole lot of k's in the body and just have to keep myself going this week.

Having CBD Cycles in my corner enabled me to get my bike fixed straight away after I discovered my rear derailleur.  Also having Shotz backing me will assist once again in the heat along with the new Rocket Science Race kit and the Schnell Carbon Wheels will give me the edge on the chasers.

From Murray Man, I have entered Shepparton 70.3, Canberra 70.3 (have to try and enjoy my last few races in the 30-34 a/g)!! and in 2013 have Auckland 70.3, Geelong LC also locked in.  I am considering a few other Long Course races and am just making sure that the body will be able to handle these before I hit Ironman Melbourne once again.

The advantage of racing a lot, less training, the body will be race hardened and rearing to go come IMMelb.  I used this a few years back and found myself really enjoying the work load that I put the body under.

Throwing in a few XOSIZE races and I should be in great race shape for 2013.  Hawaii 2013 is still the plan, so if I qualify for that, I will also look at a few mid year races to fine tune the body.  Also in 2013 I officially become a "veteran" in cycling ranks so am looking at getting on the "new" roadie and just having a great summer/winter.

I am also looking forward to seeing how my athletes go over the summer with a few working towards getting a Qualification spot at Kona.  With already having Jane jagging a Vegas spot, the season has started well.

I will keep everything updated regulary and look forward to getting into a great summer of training/racing.

For now...


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