Friday, October 5, 2012

Some of yesterday's photos!

Below are some of the "action" shots from yesterday's run session.  As you can see the sky is blue (hot), the surface pure quality but the length being 1k, it did the job.  There was no hiding out there.

The track for the session.
Getting into stride!

Carla with her well earnt drink after being my pacer!
No where to hide, just under the sun!
The sun was sorting me out by this one.
The last of the 12, happy to see the back of them.
One Word.... Spent & in need of Coffee!
Big Boy was tired just thinking about it.

Friends for life.. Sean, Shoko & Horoshi.  Could not be in better hands! 

Will update the blog a bit more tomorrow, early to bed to get some good training in tomorrow.  The mid day naps will start coming into play soon!

For Now...


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