Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 21 & Day 22....The Big & The Small..

Let's start with yesterday.... My last long run....3hrs, in the heat out & on course.

Headed out with Greg and with Carla on the bike for extra hydration, it was all good.  Getting a great portion of the run course was a big confidence builder and a big box ticked!  The legs started to feel it for the last few k's, but what more could I expect?  It has been a big 3 days!

A quick recap:

Swim: 6k

Bike: 290k

Run: 57k

Now that's a good sized week in general, so to bank that in 3 days, I was wrapped.  And I can say that when my head hit the pillow at 7.30pm it was lights out until 7am this morning.

I can say that one of the reasons that I got through the above is due to the maintenance that Sean St. Louis has been providing.  The great man treated Chrissie last year and we all know how she went. Greg, Big Boy & Myself are all in great hands.  I even know that the "Boyes" are getting that extra special treatment.  Thanks again Sean....Wouldn't be able to do this amount without you and Shoko!

Today was a total day off..... Funnily enough, my legs and my mind really wanted to head out and do some exercise, so I headed out at 3pm for a gentle stroll down to the coffee shop.

I am keen to hit the next few days hard, however upon looking at my program in detail, the 12 x 1km run efforts tomorrow might just hurt a LOT!  Throw in a double ride and the pillow will be an attractive sight once again!

For now, it is more of what today has offered...Feet up..


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