Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 25... Nice way to bounce back!

So after yesterdays mind destroying swim, I was determined to get back out there and have another crack.

To be honest my times were not too flash in the water, however felt strong.

I did a pretty solid 2.4k (Garmin measured) in the open water and got out knowing that it is more the ocean conditions than my "loss of swimming".

To re-assure this, and with the perfect timing of the pool re-opening, Matt and I headed there this afternoon for a confidence hit out (for me anyway)!.

The session:

400 w/up

5 x 100 hard on a 1.40 cycle coming in under 1.15 paddles/buoy
50 easy
4 x 100 hard on a 1.30 cycle coming in under 1.15 paddles/buoy
50 easy
3 x 100 hard on a 1.25 cycle coming in under 1.15 paddles/buoy
50 easy
2 x 100 hard on a 1.20 cycle coming in under 1.15 paddles/buoy
50 easy
100 MAX no paddles/buoy, just an attempt to spew!

How did it go?  Remembering that I was doing the other sessions on 1.15's and having a "bad" swim in the open water.  Well I was surprised.

Every one of the above (apart from two where I missed the wall in a turn and the other where I lost a paddle, swimming 1 paddle and the other hand bare is REALLY weird!!) under 1.10.

The very last one, I came in 1.07, a few shakes but no spew...

Of course it got harder as it went, my arms hurting, but the confidence grew a little more that I am in still good swimming shape.  Just have to get my position right on race day and see what happens.

On race day everyone will have the same conditions, so if it is slow for me, it is for them (I hope!!)

The easy run this afternoon capped off a nice day of training.  Tomorrow is my last solid day and then I shut up shop before race day!

To get photos like these to show support is amazing:

My Nephew and 2 nieces (well one might not be able to contribute yet) just show endless support and I love it.  So a BIG BIG thanks!! And to Nuts & Omi for helping them!!

For now.... Bed time and prepare to have another battle on the Queen K


PS.. Travis, promise this will be my last hit out on the bike and last run session of note! ;)

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