Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 24.... The Bad & then the Good!

So, the morning was a full course swim, something that I was looking forward to.  I had been swimming consistently to Kings Buoy and return (1.9k) and was keen to get a full course under the belt.

Setting out, feeling really good, I got to King Buoy as per normal and was comfortable about getting to the turn.  The orange marker buoys were further apart and the water is not as sheltered and you feel the chop and swell more.

This is where I lost my mind a bit.

After getting out of the water I have decided that the water is like the Queen K, there is no consistency through out and you don't know what you are going to get.

So getting to the turn buoy, I looked at my watch and saw 31.30....I can say that I was rather annoyed.  I have been swimming so well in the pool and felt strong.  Ok I will see how I go on the return.


Cut a long and frustrating swim short, it took me over 35min to get back.  A total trip time of just under 1hr 6min, 2 min slower than my race last year.

I got out of the water and was stunned, I felt good but produced a stinker!

This really put a dampener on my spirits.  I got in contact with Greg as I knew that he had swam the course also.  He had a Garmin on, whilst I only had my stop watch.  He said that he felt the same and his Garmin said that the course was 4.25k's.  That did make me a fair bit happier, maybe the buoy was just too far out!

Then talking to another guy in the afternoon and having a chat to him, the same thing was said, but he had 4.28k's on his Garmin, that was good enough to help ease my mind.  Although I was spewing on it all day.  Hoping the next open water swim would be better!

Getting back, heading out for breakfast, removed the disappointment only a little bit, I just couldn't get my head around it.

The afternoon session was a short but sharp ride and a solid run off it.

Heading out for the ride, I have noticed that the town is getting considerably busier and the traffic is a lot heavier.  So I am very aware of just taking things easy until getting out on the Queen K.

I got going and felt great.  I was thinking that I must have had a really strong tail wind as I was sitting in the high 40's very comfortably.  I was a bit concerned that the ride back would be into a block head wind, so I turned a fraction early. 

Turning and getting going again, I settled at 39 to 40kph easily.  Once again, something that I couldn't work out.  I know that with getting fresher this helps however to turn and settle as this speed was really pleasing.

The only thing that was entering my head was that I was going to slow really fast, this didn't phase me.  My 90min ride ended up being 81min, 40min out and 41min back. Happy days!

Getting off the bike and into the run, I decided to try and run above Ironman Pace for the 30min.  Once again I was surprised at my speed and got back averaging 4min 13 k pace.  A fair bit faster then I expected, however was happy all the same.  Has got me thinking about my "race pace" now. 

Do I stick to my plan or do I try to push it a little bit??  I had a great race last year and got here early again this year to have a better race.  What is my limit?  That I don't know, one thing that I do know is that I don't want to be walking from the energy lab to the finish due to going too hard to early.

More thinking time required, but I do know my target time will be exactly what I have planned and the bonus will be if I go faster.

On that note, I will be posting my goal times soon, however will only publish them race day, once I am out there.  So although I will be out fighting the war, my plans will be here to read.

For now... Feet up and food ready for another light day.  My energy is rising and have plenty to do!!

As long as I have internet access I will post again today, it has been really bad the last few days!


PS.  The below are my niece and nephew missing me!!  Dallas is telling Scarlett-May that Uncle X will be home soon!  Love them dearly!

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