Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taper Day 1....Counting down

The thing about entering taper is that it signals the start of the countdown.  Time to put the body into cotton wool as you can't get any fitter, but you can do a few things wrong to hinder your race.

A rest day was just what I needed... A rest day.  I did have the option of going for a swim, but I decided just to out the feet up and relax.  A massage was the only thing locked in.

I had organised new tyres for my bikes to be glued on, so had to pick them up and with a few of the family arriving today was hoping to catch up briefly with them.

So heading down after my massage to pick up the tyres, beep beep, there was my older brother hanging out of a taxi.    A quick hi to him and seeing that he was suffering a bit from the heat, we decided the best action for him right now was to get to his hotel into the a/c.

No more than 5 min later, we bumped into my younger brother and sister, they were eating lunch, so a quick g'day and we continued on our merry way.

First stop, tyres.  Picked up, running so true, all I need now to test ride them.  I haven't cleaned my bike because I can never get it up to "Marcus standard" (Dad has a standard in which he cleans to and none of us can reach it, so we have named it "Marcus standard") and sent him a little message to say just that.

I could almost see the smile on his face when he would have received it, as for some reason he really loves getting into the nook and crannies of the bike to make it shine.  It does come back from his football days where he used to tell my older brother & I, if you are having a bad day, at least you look the part!

A relaxing afternoon followed, catching up with Clayton & Janine and an early night to boot. 

Here is the next video in my week full of them just to set the scene for the weekend!

For now... X-Man

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