Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 22 Starting to Shut up shop..

So, yesterday was almost my last big day of training.

I still have a couple of important sessions in front of me, however yesterday was my last Big day.

A ride in the morning with some high intensity efforts and then the "death session" as I named it.  I was thinking about this session all day, wondering how I was going to get my head and legs around it.

Back to the ride.

Heading out for a couple of hours, it was really interesting to see more and more athletes and even pro's out there.  Getting out to Waikaloa and return in good time was pleasing as the legs were feeling great.

Getting back into town, Sebastian Keinle came flying past, wow, he can push a pedal!  Coming across NZ superstar Cam Brown & Melb local Josh Rix was pretty cool.  I had a good chat to Cam Brown.  I couldn't help myself but to say that if he didn't have that funny accent (Kiwi) I would really hope that he win!! He had a good chuckle and appreciated the sense of humor.

Getting off the bike in just over 2 hrs, my legs felt really great, and am starting to feel some good rhythm on the treddly!  Throughout the entire ride, all I could think about was the 12 x 1k efforts that I had to do that afternoon.

I have never really been intimidated by a session, however this one had me by the nuts!  Out in the open, under the rays of the beating sun doing one of the hardest sessions I have ever had to tackle.

So getting prepared and loading up the back pack, asking Carla to be my pacer and meeting Matty, out there I was the most prepared that I was going to be.

The session was 12 x 1k's holding a pace that would see me have a consistent time from go to woe.
 Lap Time Dist

 3:35.21.00   3:35
2:11.8 0.04 5:17
3 1:10.9 0.12 9:46
43:35.3 1.00 3:35
51:27.1 0.05  29:24
63:36.4  1.00 3:36
71:24.6 0.07 19:58
83:37.3 1.00 3:37
91:22.4 0.05 27:55
103:41.7 1.00 3:42
111:19.2 0.06 20:27
123:39.3 1.00 3:39
133:58.8 0.88 4:31
141:22.7 0.09 15:44
153:41.4 1.00 3:41
161:18.4 0.08 16:31
173:35.7 1.00 3:36
181:22.4 0.07 19:38
193:41.7 1.00 3:42
201:20.8 0.07 18:26
213:40.9 1.00 3:41
221:16.9 0.07 19:05
233:50.5 1.00 3:51
24:23.7 0.04 9:13 
The above numbers relate to the laps...Every "bold" lap is my effort and the normal is the recovery.  Carla had my Garmin, so I was just purely pacing of her on the bike.  Was so great just worrying about the running vs the time.  I can't thank Carla enough for getting me through them.

Laps 13 includes some of the rest from lap 12 so is a bit distorted.  My goal was to get Carla to ride at 3min 40sec k pace and either finish with her or just in front.

I stopped after 6, had a drink and a short break (1km easy jog) and then got going again.  Getting them all done on a 5 min cycle was pleasing as yesterday was one of the hottest days here in a while.

My legs started to suffer at the 11th effort and to just get the last one in albeit a little slower was a massive box ticked.  Considering that my race plan is no where this speed, I am confident that I should be able to lock in my pace and just tick of everyone of the 42.2k's at that pace.

The main purpose of me posting this is to educate a few of my athletes about evenly pacing whilst doing efforts.  The actual file is below.  There is no point blowing a gasket and not getting through it, picking a speed and being consistent will outdo the the sessions where either you go out too fast and "pop" or even not finish.  I know that my speeds are not really "high end", but I also know that I would not have faded much from here if I had another 10 to do.

The day was topped off in a fantastic way when Sean, Shoko & Horoshi came & had dinner with us.  Both Carla & I were so appreciative, Carla more so of the Chocolate Brownies!

I have got some photos to add, which I will once they download.  And I will add another post later today about today's proceedings.

For Now...



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  2. Epic session mate. Great work. I'm looking forward to watching you smash it on race day.

  3. Wish I could run 1km at 3:30 pace!