Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 2 of Taper... Plenty of time on my hands!

Today, being my second day in taper, was another uneventful one.

I started with a full course swim with Gregory and Big Boy.  Greg was just cruising along whilst I tried to hang onto his toes.  On the way out, we had about 20 dolphins swimming under us.  We stopped to enjoy such a magnificent display of nature.  There were 2 others who stopped also.  We were about 10m apart form each other all looking below the line of the sea and just watching in awe of these amazing sea creatures.

They were having some fun around us and you could even see them gain momentum and launch themselves out above the water.  WOW, that made my day!!

We then continued out to the turning can.  This time was 33min, a little happier.

The return trip saw Greg just lead the way and myself try to hang onto his feet.  We got back in just under 30min, even happier.  Full course swam in 1hr 3min, that is better than my time last year and really gained some confidence from this.

Still learning every day meant that I am confident that with the right sit on race day I should be able to swim near my goal time of 1hr.

The rest of the crew arrived mid morning with my sister & the Fos rolling in.  A quick g'day, coffee and things were going well.

I headed to the pool for a short sharp session and who decided to rock up??

The great Dave Scott!! Wow, Matty & I were amazed on how great he still looks.  To see images of the great man...Click here Matt & I are in pic 19 and Dave Scott is pic 20.  We were trying to decide what session we were going to do.

A 400 w/up

25 max on 40 sec

50 max on 1min 20sec

75 max on 2min

100 easy

75 max on 2min

50 max on 1min 20sec

25 max on 40 sec

200 cool down

All the max efforts were with paddles and buoy and I was really happy with the time cycles. 15 sec per 25 and holding that for all distances.

Post this, caught up with my older brother, younger brother and Dad for 1 beer before I headed off.  They kicked on for some time!!

I have another short but sharp session this morning and then again this afternoon and will head down to register today.  That signals "reality"!!

Another video below to get the veins tingling.

For now....


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