Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 23...Nice just to be easy!

So after the Big day previous, I was eagerly waiting to see how my legs would recover. 

The days plans were an easy 1hr ride, a swim and an easy 45min run.

Now, one thing that I have failed to mention for this whole week is that the local swimming pool has been shut.  Originally, it was only supposed to be shut for 2 days, however they decided to shut the pool for the entire week.  There is only one way to describe it..


Now with the water choppy in the afternoon, my swimming has dropped off a little bit, however am still trying to get out often to keep the feel for it.

Ok, back to the days plan.

Heading out early, Matty tried to talk me into going to Kawaihae and return.  My legs feeling a little heavy, I kindly declined, little does he know if he had of asked me a little later in the ride, I might have just said yes as they came good after about 25min.

Turning after 30min and heading back into town, my legs really started to come good.  Gave them a little blow out and got off the bike feeling great.

Headed for a midday swim, open water. Was happy to get 1500m in the arms as it had felt like ages since I had swam.  Like everything on the island, it is so hard to get gauge of how you are traveling.  Sometimes I feel like I am swimming well, the next few minutes it feels like an endless swim spa.  Knowing that I had plans to swim the course the following morning, just to get out there was pleasing.  I also used this time to test out the new race suit and speed suit.  I got a little bit of chaffing, however I know where to cover up come race day.

For the first time in a while I am really looking forward to getting back in the pool to get some specific training down.  But for now, it is open water swimming and just trying to get it done!

The afternoon run was nothing flash, nor did it need to be after the previous run session.  45min easy just to tick the legs over.  And it was just that.  I don't think I even got 9k in, or if I did, was just.  But box ticked and legs recovering rather well from another consistent day under the sun.

As race day draws closer, I am starting to get a few things organised.  I will have a photo of my race suit with logos on soon, just finishing the layout.

Today has already commenced with a full course swim, something that I will post about later and then a solid brick session.

For now...


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